Industrial Washing Machines for Medical Equipment: How to Choose the Best for Your Needs.

Industrial washers are a true revolution for the healthcare sector, being one of the best investments a healthcare facility can make. This type of machinery, specially designed for the intensive cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, ensures the hygiene and safety of patients and healthcare workers.

Configurable control, adequate capacity, good energy efficiency, solid warranty and after-sales service, relevant certifications and a balanced price are all factors to consider when making your decision.

Essential Features of a Good Industrial Washer

Configurable Control: Given the variety of medical equipment and the specificity of cleaning required, it is essential to look for an industrial washer that offers the option to configure and customize cleaning programs. This will allow the cleaning to be tailored to the specifics of each medical equipment, ensuring effective removal of pathogens without damaging the equipment.

Capacity and Dimensions: The choice of the capacity of an industrial washer will depend on the quantity and size of the medical equipment to be cleaned. It is important to evaluate not only the current capacity needed but also the possible future growth needs.

Energy Efficiency: Industrial washers can consume a large amount of energy and water, so it is key that you look for a machine with high energy efficiency. This will not only help lower your carbon footprint, but will also significantly reduce operating expenses.

Other Factors to Considerย 

Warranty and After-Sales Service: Like any other major investment, an industrial washing machine should come with a good warranty. This element will provide security in case of any eventuality or breakdown. In addition, a good after-sales service, with prompt and specialized attention, will be crucial to rectify any technical problems and minimize downtime.

Certifications: An industrial washer intended for the healthcare sector must be certified to confirm that it meets health and safety standards. Certifications demonstrate that the machine is capable of effectively cleaning medical equipment and ensuring its disinfection.

Price: Finally, although it is an important factor to consider, avoid making a decision based solely on price. While a cheaper industrial washer may seem attractive, remember that high-quality, durable equipment can result in a better return on investment in the long run.

What Kalstein offersย 

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