Underwater Treadmill Equipment for Pets: Recommendations in the Veterinary Field

One of the leading companies in the manufacture of medical equipment, Kalstein, presents us with a revolutionary tool in the care and rehabilitation of our pets: the underwater treadmill. This highly specialized equipment offers countless benefits for the physical and mental health of our beloved companions, allowing its use both preventively and therapeutically. The prices of these devices vary according to characteristics and functionalities, adapting to the needs of each veterinary clinic.

Kalstein underwater treadmill promotes controlled and safe physical exercise, in a low gravity environment thanks to water. This results in less impact on joints and muscles, ideal for rehabilitation processes. In turn, it provides a relaxed and stress-free environment for the animal, promoting its cooperation during treatment.

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ย Recommendations for Use in Veterinary Medicine

  • Like all medical equipment, its use should be supervised by a professional in the veterinary field.ย 
  • The manufacturer, Kalstein, recommends a previous analysis of the pet’s physical condition to determine if it is suitable for this type of procedure.ย 
  • Once authorized, the treadmill speed and water level must be configured according to the animal’s size and need.
  • It is advised that the first sessions be of short duration, gradually increasing the time as the pet adapts.ย 
  • There are animals that naturally fear water, so it is crucial to carry out a gradual and patient adaptation process, which generates confidence and security.

Purchase Opportunities and Economic Advantages

Investing in this equipment is beneficial for any veterinary clinic. Not only for its therapeutic effectiveness, but also for its appeal to pet owners. The purchase of an underwater treadmill can enhance the range of services offered, improving the clinic’s competitiveness.ย 

The prices of this equipment vary according to additional features and functionalities. However, Kalstein offers affordable and flexible purchasing options, with financing plans to facilitate its acquisition. In addition, it offers a warranty and technical service to ensure the excellent performance of the equipment.

Sale and After-sales of Kalstein Equipment

The sales experience with Kalstein does not end with the acquisition of the equipment. The company offers exceptional after-sales service, which includes advice, maintenance, spare parts, and specialized technical service. This contributes to ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and its durability.

In conclusion, the underwater treadmill for pets is a revolutionary tool in veterinary medicine. It is a relevant investment for any clinic that wants to expand its service catalog and provide cutting-edge care to its patients. With the backing of a leading company like Kalstein, its purchase and use is a safe and fruitful investment in animal health care.