Color Evaluation Box

The color evaluation box is a suitable tool for all industries and applications, where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality, from different light sources. 

Thus, colors appear differently, to avoid reducing the evaluation error, when performing color contrasts, so it is necessary to use a color evaluation box, also known as: color combination box, color combination cabinet, display booth, etc., all these simulate different light sources, to obtain an objective evaluation of color and difference of tones at any time, and anywhere.  

This tool can be applied to industries that need to perform color difference testing, either for lighting and visualization manufacturers of graphic arts, photography, textile, printing, ceramics, plastics and automotive. 



Types of Color Evaluation Box that a lab may need

Color Light Box YR053449 // YR053454

YR053449 // YR053451 color light box can be applied to industries that need to perform difference testing...


Color Light Box YR053445 // YR053448 

YR053445 // The YR053448 color light box is our updated version and can accommodate up to 6 light sources...


Hanging Color Light Box YR053458 // YR053460 

YR053458 // YR053460 Hanging color viewfinder light box is suitable for all places where management...


Test station light box  YR053461 / YR053463 

Color Controller Color Viewer color light box is widely applies to printing industry, furnishings and color matching...


Our Best Selling Color Evaluation Box

Color evaluation boxes are ideal to minimize the challenges associated with evaluating products or samples in different environments, whether geological or seasonal, providing cost-effective mechanisms, to ensure the visual accuracy of the product.

The color assessment box's primary objective provides uniform, standardized viewing environments to appreciate color variations, detect lighting sources, and accurately participate in color throughout the supply chain. 

These boxes provide the highest color reproduction rate available. And to ensure their performance, proper maintenance is needed to ensure that lighting is accurate.

They are easy to use, have mechanisms of service indicators, automatic sequence, energy saving and data storage.


Guides to becoming an expert in Color Assessment Box

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Color Evaluation Box to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

What is the function of a Color Assessment Box?

The ideal tool for color analysis in a complex way, is by using the color evaluation boxes, which determines the...

Why is a Color Assessment Box important?

The importance of a color evaluation box, allows to evaluate and show the appearance of the products, as well as...

What are the characteristics of a color evaluation box?

It's important, because the perception of the human eye can be transmitted from millions of colors, which is interesting...

What is a Color Evaluation Box?

The color evaluation box is a suitable tool for all industries and applications, where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality, from different light sources...


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