Freeze Dryers

Freeze-drying is a process that aims to separate water (or other solvent) from a solution by freezing and then sublimating the ice under reduced pressure. Freeze-drying is the smoothest process for drying products and is the best method for drying organic or inorganic compounds without altering their qualitative or quantitative composition. The process of lyophilization is carried out under vacuum and at low temperature and thus, for example, it is possible to avoid the denaturation of proteins. Food and biological materials such as cells, tissues, bacteria and vaccines become dry products, avoiding the passage through their liquid phase, and consequently enzymatic, biological and chemical changes. 

The Lyophilizer is the device used to perform lyophilization. It consists of the following parts: dry chamber or freeze-drying chamber: it is the place where the substance to be freeze-dried is placed, condenser with refrigeration circuit: it communicates with the dry chamber and it is where the steam that is produced in the sublimation condenses and finally a vacuum system.

Types of Freeze Dryers that a Laboratory may need

Benchtop Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Freeze-drying is a process also called freezing drying, and it is carried out in a specialized equipment known as freeze-drying. In this process the product is frozen, through its exposure to cold air, then passing to a vacuum chamber, in which the moisture is sublimated, eliminating it by crystallization by mechanical vacuum pumps


Vertical Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Freeze-drying is a drying or dehydrating process that is carried out through progressive sublimation of the solvent or water present in a sample. This process is characterized by using low temperatures which prevents some volatile elements from being lost, unlike in conventional drying processes. Progressive sublimation allows the direct passage of ice (solid) to gas (vapor) without passing through its liquid phase.


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Freeze Dryer YR05190

The standard type vacuum lyophilizer is suitable for laboratory experiments. The lyophilizer is widely...


Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Freeze dryer is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biology research, chemical industry and food production etc..._


Freeze Dryer YR05188

Lyophilizer is suitable for laboratory freeze-drying experiments. It's a multiple desktop computer...


Freeze Dryer YR05189

Freeze Dryer is suitable for freeze-drying experiment in laboratory. It is bench top manifold top press...


Our best-selling Lyophilizer

Freeze dryers are highly sophisticated equipment, and thanks to technological advances there is currently a great variety, which are perfectly adapted to the field of application in which they are used. We have freeze dryers that are used in the food industry, whether it's to make space food, military food or dehydrated food. As well as to make dairy products. There are also lyophilizers used in the pharmaceutical industry to conserve drugs and vaccines. As well as there are also freeze-dryers that are used in the recovery of documents damaged by water.

Freeze dryers can also be grouped by size into laboratory units, pilot units for development and expansion of processes and larger production units.

Analysis of the best Freeze Dryer for your Laboratory

What are the different types of Lyophilizers?

Freezers are laboratory equipment designed to perform dehydrofreezing or cryodrying processes by separating water...


What is a Food Freeze Dryer?

Freeze-drying is a technique for the preservation of food that is based on the drying of certain compounds by means of the sublimation of the water contained in them...


What is a Freeze Dryer?  

The lyophilizer is the apparatus used to carry out lyophilization. It consists of the following parts: dry chamber or lyophilization chamber: it is the place where the substance...


Use of lyophilizers to conserve coffee

The lyophilizer is a device by which the process of lyophilization is carried out, which is nothing more than...


Guides to becoming an expert in Freeze Dryers

Freeze drying equipment is essential products in a Laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Importance of Lyophilizers for the production of yogurt

A Freeze Dryer is a machine in charge of the freeze drying process, also known previously as cryodrying, which is nothing...

Freeze Dryers: technique and operations

Freeze drying is a process also called freeze drying, and it is carried out in  specialized equipment known as a freeze dryer...

Freeze Dryers in pharmaceutical companies

A lyophilizer is a laboratory equipment that allows to carry out lyophilization, that is to say, it is an instrument that is used to remove...

Freeze Dryer: What is it? What is it for?

A lyophilizer is an equipment that allows to carry out lyophilization, that is, it is an instrument that serves to remove moisture from a product by drying it cold...

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