Cooling and heating circulating pump YR05001 // YR05004

Manufacturer: Kalstein


YR series cooling and heating circulating pump is the most widely used circulationg pump for chemical reactors.

  • It contains refrigerating system, heating system, pre-cooling system, three systems can be used continuously and also can be used separately
  • Fast heating and cooling and temperature can be increased and lowered continuously
  • Wide temperature control range, no need of changing heat-conducting medium in the whole course and little consumtion of heat-conducting medium
  • Complete closed circulating system, the heat transfer fluid is not easy to volatilize and oxidize at high temperature, or not easy to absorb moisture under low temperature, which can prolong the service life of heat transfer fluid
  • High temperature cooling and refrigeration function, can lower from high temperature level directly
  • Refrigeration heat exchanger adopts complete brazing type, small space and high-efficiency heat exchanging
Model YR05001 YR05002 YR05003 YR05004
For Glass Reactor 2 โ€“ 10L 10 โ€“ 20L 30L 30 โ€“ 50L
Circulation Type -35 โ€“ 200ยฐC closed circulation
Temperature Resolution 0.1ยฐC
Cooling Power 1900 โ€“ 1000W 3720 โ€“ 980W 47400-1140W 10280-2560
Heating Power 3000W 6000W
Flow Path 18 l/min 35 l/min
Control Method Micromputer digital control
Safety Protection Delay, leakage, over current, overheating protection
Circulating Pump Closed leak-free special Pump
Total Power 3300 3700 8400 9000
Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Dimensions 630 x 550 x 1060
Weight (Kg) 62 120 165


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YR05001, YR05002, YR05003, YR05004

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