Economical and Practical Dental Chair YR06007

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Kalstein dental comprehensive treatment chair, which provides customers with more convenient, more expensive dental chair. The YR06007 dental chair, complete seamless design, perfect appearance structure, to bring customers a new sense of experience.

Provide maximum support, according to the ergonomic system design, reduce the change of the patient’s body angle when the dental chair moves. Provide reasonable and comfortable body support for patients. The dental chair is easy to operate and stable in performance, giving you a new comfortable experience.

The design of the rotating side box can maximize the convenience of the dentist’s treatment space. There is no frustration in the operation of the ergonomic dental chair.

Give patients a better experience

The high-elastic microfiber leather seat cushion is soft and wear-resistant, and it is not tired to lie down for a long time, as comfortable as lying on the sofa at home.

Start slowly and stop slowly, giving the patient more peace of mind, and there is no discomfort in lifting and lying on the back.

The multi-function foot pedal can control the lifting state of the ergonomic dental chair at will, which is sensitive and durable. Adjustable lowest chair position for elderly and pediatric patients

Complete seamless design, perfect appearance structure, to bring customers a new sense of experience.

The choice of dentists around the world

Whether you are opening a new office or upgrading your dental chair parts, choose our roson dental chair supplies.

Our dental chair for sale are reliable and easy to operate, allowing precise control of the treatment instruments and meeting the individual settings of different dentists.

You can choose the pull-up type, the lower-hang type, and the trolley-type dental chair treatment equipment.

Economical and practical, people-oriented. Equipped with a disinfection water supply system to ensure the hygiene and safety of the equipment. Reduce the risk of cross infection.

Technical Specifications:
Model YR06007
Voltage 100/110/120/220/230V, 50/60Hz
Air pressure 550-800 Kpa
Water pressure 200-400 Kpa
Net weight 175 Kg
Gross weight 202 Kg

Additional Information

Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 115 × 120 × 95 cm

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