Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05741


Product Description

This is a kind of clean bench widely used in medical treatment, chemical experiment, electron, precise machinery, instrument, apparatus, medical preparation, operating room, foodstuff, drinks, daily­use cosmetic, stock raising and aviation, as well as providing germfree dustless clean environment.

  • Adopting arbitrary positioning sliding door system
  • The shell is welded by cold-rolled plates, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the work surface is SUS304 brushed stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • The lighting and sterilization systems are interlocked safely, and have the timing function of the ultraviolet lamp
  • Digital display LCD contrai interface, more user-friendly design.
  • The vertical quasi-closed table top and the formation of a downward flow air curtain in the operation room con effectively prevent the input of external air and the operation area is clean.
  • Equipped with a HEPA filter and a primary filter for preliminary filtration, which con effectively extend the service lite of the high-efficiency filter.
Technical Specifications
Model YR05741
Air supply  Vertical Air Suppply
Cleanliness grade  Class 100 (US Federal 209E)
Number of colonies  ≤0.5pcs/dish-hour (Ø90mm culture dish)
The average wind speed   0.25-0.45m/s
Noise  ≤62dB (A)
Power supply  AC single phase 220V /50Hz
Vibration half peak  ≤0.5µM (x, y, z direction)
Illumination ≥300LX
Max. Power consumption 800 W
Dimension of working area


Overall dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 1040x690x1600
Specification and quantity

of high efficiency filter

1355x555x50x 1
Specification and quantity

of fluorescent lamp/UV lamp

12W x 2 / 30W x 2
Applicable persons  Double person – Double Side


Additional Information

Weight 320 kg
Dimensions 160 × 82 × 168 cm

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