Operation Lamp YR02125 // YR02140

Manufacturer: Kalstein


Our ergonomic, sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions by the surgical team.

Almost unlimited LED life expectancy delivers tremendous product reliability and investment protection.

Environmentally proactive: low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize the impact on our precious resources.

  • Endo mode.
  • Deep illumination.
  • PWM dimming technology, no flickering.
  • LED cold light, head temperature rises less than 1℃.
  • High color rendering index ensures clear views of the tissue and Organ.
  • Removable sterilizer handle.
  • Light field adjusting.
Technical Specifications
Model YR02125 YR02126 YR02127 YR02128 YR02129 YR02130 YR02131 YR02132
Head Diameter (mm) 700 500 500/500 500 300
No. Of LED Blubs 80pcs 48pcs 80pcs 160pcs 80pcs 25 pcs
Illumination (Lux) 160000 140000 100000 ≥100,000/100,000 ≥60,000 ≥70,000
CRI (Ra) Ra>95 Ra>85 92
Color Temperature (K) 3500-5000 4800±300 4500±500 4800±200
Illumination Depth (mm) 1200 ≥500 300
Spot Diameter (mm) 120-300 160-220 150
LED Life (h) >50,000 Hours
Model YR02133 YR02134 YR02135 YR02136 YR02137 YR02138 YR02139 YR02140
Head Diameter (mm) 300 250 300 100
No. Of LED Blubs 25 pcs 7pc led bulb 12pc led bulb 19pc led bulb
Halogen Bulb
Illumination (Lux) ≥70,000 ≥30000 60000 ≥80000 ≥50,000
CRI (Ra) 92 100≥Ra≥85 ≥85 100≥Ra≥85
Color Temperature (K) 4800±200 4500±500 4500±500 3500,4000,4500 4000±500
Illumination Depth (mm) 300 ≥700 300
Spot Diameter (mm) 150 100-280 150
LED Life (h) >50,000 Hours ≥40,000 Hours



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YR02125, YR02126, YR02127, YR02128, YR02129, YR02130, YR02131, YR02132, YR02133, YR02136, YR02137, YR02138, YR02139, YR02140, YR02134, YR02135

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