Silicone Oil Heating Lyophilizer YR05985-1 – YR05985-2



Vacuum freeze dryers are widely used in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, biological research, chemicals and food. The lyophilized articles are easy to store for a long time, and can be restored to the state before lyophilization and maintain the original biochemical characteristics after adding water.

YR05985-1 – YR05985-2 (silicone oil heating) freeze dryer, lyophilized in situ (patented product). It changes the cumbersome operation of the past drying process, prevents material contamination, and automates the drying and sublimation. This model has shelf heating and programmable functions to remember the freeze-drying curve, allowing users to observe the lyophilization process of the material.

  1. The company’s patented product square warehouse in-situ vacuum freeze dryer, pre-freezing, drying in-situ, easy to operate, good drying effect.
  2. The drying chamber door is made of ACRYLIC material, which is colorless, transparent and observable for lyophilization.
  3. Inflatable (discharge) valve adopts safety diaphragm valve, which can be connected to inert gas source, and is filled with inert gas after drying to extend the shelf life of the material.
  4. Specialized gas guiding technology, cold trap for uniform ice trapping and strong ice trapping ability.
  5. Internationally renowned brand compressors, dual-machine cascade refrigeration, high efficiency, energy saving, long service life and low noise.
  6. The patented technology of the separator and the fuzzy control technology of the separator temperature, the shelf temperature difference is small, the temperature control precision is high, and the drying effect is uniform.
Technical specifications
Model YR05985-1 YR05985-2
Freeze-drying area 0.7m2 1.04m2
Material plate size 475 × 355mm 475 × 355mm
Number of material trays 4 6
Shelf size 480 × 360mm 480 × 360mm
Number of shelves 4+1 floors 6+1 floor
Shelf spacing 50mm 70mm
Shelf temperature range -55 ° C ~ +70 ° C -55 ° C ~ +70 ° C
Shelf temperature difference ±1 °C (balanced) ±1 °C (balanced)
Cold trap temperature ≤ -75 ° C (no load) ≤ -75 ° C (no load)
Water catching capacity ≥10KG/24h ≥15KG/24h
Pumping rate 8L/S 15L/S
Ultimate vacuum ≤5pa (no load) ≤5pa (no load)
Installed power 5500w 6500w
Host weight 600kg 700kg
Mainframe dimensions 1000×785×1420mm 1170×830×1665mm
Cooling method air cooling air cooling
Plate loading material 7L (material thickness 10mm) 10L (material thickness 10mm)

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YR05985-1, YR05985-2

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