What are the technical care for an Ultra Freezer?

September 28, 2022by Kalstein

Laboratory ultra-freezers are equipment designed for use as research cold storage and as a laboratory freezer for sample storage or inventory at long-term operating temperatures of -86ยฐC for various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leukocytes and cutis. They are applied in various clinical professional sectors, pharmaceutical facilities, biotechnology, marine fishing companies, industrial and professional trained in laboratory protocols of their facilities. The units are not for general public use. These units are not manufactured for use in locations classified as hazardous, or for the storage of flammable or corrosive inventory.

Therefore, for the optimization and preservation safety of the samples, it is necessary to apply complete maintenance mechanisms, and the best way to keep it running at maximum performance is to organize regular maintenance with a trained technician. In addition, you should be able to troubleshoot basic problems that may arise if your computer is not properly taken care of.

Care Techniques

The operation of the ultrafeezers, the control and care of the temperature involves following with maintenance techniques recommended by the manufacturers, to reach the working conditions stipulated in the design of the equipment. The following recommendations stand out:

It is advisable to keep the ultra freezers, in suitable current connectors, in order to ensure the operation in electrical outlet with dedicated ground pole, in good working condition and that it is sized to promise the electrical power required by the equipment. Voltage should not vary more than +10% or -5% of board voltage.

The space within the laboratory for the location of the deep freezers should be adequate, that being said, it should be leveled.ย  Regularly included are accessories for the leveling of the refrigerator located in the base, along with support brackets or bearings.

The environment should be ventilated and free from the influence of direct sunlight or the influence of heat sources.

On the sides, the space should be free and the rear should be at least 15 cm. The door should be opened up to a 90ยฐ angle without complications.

It is essential to respond to proper maintenance and problem solving, certify the usefulness to protect samples that can be very sensitive to temperature, expensive and sometimes irreplaceable.

Maintenance of Ultra Freezers

The maintenance routines of the ultrafeezers are carried out as follows. For interior cleaning, it must be done every 3 months and starts by disconnecting the power cord, and check that the interior shelves of the ultrablefreezer are clean. To do so, any material that might interfere with cleaning should be removed. Then move the empty shelves forward and disassemble them, using a mild detergent with a damp cloth, gently rub and finally dry and relocate to the original position. Clean the interior walls of the refrigerator, using a mild detergent and then dry before installing the interior accessories.

Also, the condenser cleaning is usually done every 6 months and first the power cord is disconnected and it is verified that the position where the condenser is installed is correct. It should be located on the bottom and back of the computer.

Accordingly, it is carried out as follows:

Remove the protective grille and the condenser protection filter.

Remove debris and dust from the top area of the appliance using a vacuum cleaner containing a suction brush.

Check that both the surface of the pipes and the surface of the external heat conductive parts are clean.

Reinstall the cover.

Connect the refrigerator to the electrical outlet.

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