Recirculating bath with cooling: types and uses

A recirculating cooling bath is a laboratory equipment used to cool samples and reagents in an efficient and reliable way through the use of constant recirculation, that is, this equipment performs refrigeration tasks in the laboratory in a safe and reproducible way.

Recirculating cooling baths often need to maintain precise temperature control over a period of time, as any fluctuations in temperature can influence the interaction of the components. They are useful equipment when a constant and reliable temperature is necessary.

Types of recirculating baths with cooling

Recirculating Cooling Baths can span a wide range of temperatures to meet the different needs of your applications. Whether analytical instrumentation needs to be cooled or when performing complex temperature profiling.

How are recirculating baths with cooling composed?

These devices feature powerful closed cooling systems that save water and provide excellent cooling capacity, and feature compact designs to save space in the lab, allowing them to be placed on benchtops or in limited spaces.

These units are provided with a recirculation system for temperature ranges of -17 ยฐC. This laboratory equipment is very useful for controlling the temperature of specific reactions and acts as an excellent auxiliary equipment when it comes to refrigeration in the laboratory. Many modern models include a touch screen and built-in methods. Its components can be summarized as follows:

  • Stainless steel bath.
  • Thermostat.
  • External circulation set.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Digital control where the temperature can be programmed.
  • Continuous use pump, which allows the equipment to be kept on for long periods of time, without any problem.

What considerations should you take into account when buying a cooling recirculating bath?

  • Accuracy of temperature control.
  • Temperature uniformity range.
  • Cooling speed.
  • Associated maintenance costs.

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