Biological Safety Cabinets (CSB): Types and Uses

In a machine that offers a closed and ventilated workspace, which allows to perform many procedures and scientific experiments protecting the user, the sample and the present environment; it eliminates and prevents contamination, and is indispensable in any laboratory.

These Cabinets use an air flow that allows to control and drag aerosols and particles, HEPA filtration to retain and eliminate them in the air stream, is a safe way to workwith contaminated materials, with pathogens such as: bacteria and viruses; there are a variety ofย  CSBs,and they differ in their specific design and manufacturer characteristics.

Types of biological safety Cabinets (CSB)

  • Class I biosafety cabinets.
  • Class II Biosafety Cabinets .
  • CSB Class I Type A1.
  • CSB Class I Type A2 with Outdoor Air Outlet.
  • CSB class I type B1.
  • CSB class I type B2.

Biological safety Cabinets III

To identify what type of cabin we require, we must be sure of the type of protection we need, then: personal protection, microorganisms of groups 1 to 3 (class I, class II, class III); personal protection, class III micro-organism risk group 4, for working with gloves (class III); protection of personnel, class 4 microorganisms, for working in special suits (class I and class II); sample protection (class II and class III only if it includes laminar flow); protection against minimum quantities of volatile chemicals/radionuclides (class II B1 and class IIA2 ventilated to the former chemicals/volatile radionuclides (class II B1 and class IIA2 ventilated to the outside); protection against volatile chemicals/radionuclides (class I, Class IIB2; class III).

Characteristics and applications of the different biological safety booths

  • Class I biological safety Cabinets : extraction cabin where the user can handle low-risk biological agents, the air flowing from the room to the interior of the cabin minimizes the escape of aerosols and is expelled after passing through a HEPA filter; they are mainly applied to protect the user and the environment,ย  but does not guarantee the sterility of the sample.
  • Class II biosafety Cabinets : the front air intake protects the user, plus the existence of laminar flow and a class 100 inside protects the samples; the applications can simplify the characteristics and functions according to the type of cabin:
  • CSB class II A: the incoming air from the front, 70% is recirculated in the form of filtration to protect the samples and the remaining 30% is expelled to the outside after HEPA filtration.
  • CSB class II B: the incoming air from the front, 30% recirculates in the form of filtering to protect the sample and 70% is expelled.

These Cabinets are applied for the protection of the user, sample and environment, guaranteeing a low and moderate risk of all kinds of biological agents.

  • Class III biological safety Cabinets: offers completely closed systems, the only way to enter the interior is through gloves, thus guaranteeing the protection of the user, environment and guaranteeing the proper handling of group pathogens4,both the inlet and outlet air are filtered with HEPA, so it offers the advantages of protection to the user, environment against all types of pathogens.
  • Uses of the biological safety booth in laboratories.
  • Control of infectious aerosols: irrigation microorganisms 3, microbacteria, identification of fungi, decantation of liquids.
  • Protection of samples from external contamination: organic liquids of risk group 3, cell cultures, preparation of solutions and reagents.

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