Thermocycler for PCR: types and applications

The PCR machine allows to perform dna sequence studies or contagious diseases existing in the blood, currently, this device receives great demand in the arrest of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus virus, the advantages of this device stands out in the area of molecular biology; detecting hereditary diseases, relating kinship, among others related to DNA.

The STUDY of PCR is actually the diagnostic tests of the Polymerase Chain Reaction, the application of this study has allowed to detect the new virus that attacks the world, since it detects the RNA of the virus, which allows to know if a person is or is not infected with Covid-19; for the diagnosis of this disease a PCR machine or Thermocycler for PCR is required,ย  in addition to a trained and qualified staff for its correct use.

Characteristics of PCR tests

  • High specificity: manages to differentiate between two microorganisms.
  • High sensitivity: detects viral genetic material.
  • Early: detects the virus in the early stages.

These PCR processes are automated, due to the use of PCR Thermocyclers, which allow heating and cooling the samples to control the temperature necessary for eachreaction, thanks to the use of this device we can detect PCR variations, and in general, it is an easy and simple technique used in medicine and biology laboratories,ย  due to the wide variety of its applications.

Types of KALSTEIN PCR Thermocyclers

There is a range of Thermocyclers ranging from those that use the peltier effect system to those of real time, each manufacturer offers some types of PCR machines, which cover certain applications, but if you want to know and acquire the best in the market, at the best offer cost, we can only offer you our equipment:

  • Real-time PCR YR01869-1/2: possesses important features, precise temperature control, powerful software, with a humanized presentation allowing low power consumption and long life.
  • Thermocycler YR01871: favors daily experimentation by protecting reactions, uses a Heal Force thermal system, achieving exceptional uniformity and significant results.
  • Thermocyclers YR01867: allows the efficient use of the equipment by three users independently, efficiently protecting the information, in addition to a powerful processing system, a large touch screen, exclusive hot cap design and three modules that work independently.
  • Thermocycler YR01868: its interface and protocols cover any need of a researcher, it has an intuitive touch screen that allows it to run PCR easier; In addition to a remote option, that is, a remote management system thanks to its administration software, portable design and reliable covers, a design that invites you to enjoy it.
  • Thermocycler YR01869: the equipment advantage is in temperature accuracy, offering 12-channel temperature probes, a high-definition LCD display, intuitive interface, two-stage hot cap pressure regulator.
  • Thermocycler YR01870: offers one of the advanced technologies based on the Peltier system, designed for prolonged and trouble-free use, LCD screen, innovative design, optimal panel keyboard, adjustable hot cap, heating cover can be placed at any angle.

Applications of PCR Thermal Cyclers

The applications of this PCR technique have multiple applications in different areas ranging from basic science to applied science; we already know that PCR Thermocyclers allow the arrest of DNA fragments; But we can goย  furtherย  and list different areas, and what the application of PCR means:

  • Research: cloning of a segment of DNA.
  • Medicine: diagnostic tool: genetic diagnosis, genotyping andspecies, detecting diseases.
  • Paleontology, biological anthropology: recovers DNA.
  • Forensic sciences: establishes a filial relationship of DNA samples.
  • Agronomy and diversity: allows to produce genetic traces of groups of crops of interest.

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