Rotavapor: why is it fundamental in a laboratory?

A wide variety of examinations, experiments and endless chemical, medical and biological procedures are carried out in the laboratories; this characteristic of laboratories makes it essential to use certain equipment to facilitate the activities carried out; one of these teams is the rotavaporador; which are used in different areas and institutions such as: chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and hospital sector; they are also used in the manufacture and analysis of experiments to concentrate, dry and recycle.

The rotavapor is designed to evaporate organic or aqueous solvents; these equipment have a sample rotation system, revolution control and a thermoregulated bath to keep the sample at a controlled temperature; these characteristics of the apparatus make it indispensable in laboratories to be able to handle certain samples and to be able to extract from them important aspects such as solute separation, extract aromas from the samples, separate low boiling solvent.

Procedure for using a rotavapor in a laboratory

The rotavapor is an instrument that facilitates distillation; through the distillation flask it is attached to the evaporator tube that carries the vapors of the solvents into a coil-type refrigerant, once the vapors are condensed, the solvent is collected in the second flask, which fulfills the function of collector; the rotavapor has a function that prevents the solvent from jumping violently while applying the vacuum, called the rotary motor, this same procedure allows the inner liquid to moisten the surface of the flask and facilitates evaporation to be carried out in a controlled way.

At the same time the distillation flask can be heated externally through a thermostatic bath, thanks to a metal arm that allows the entire assembly to be raised and lowered; attach the distillation flask to the mouth of the rotavapor tube by means of the jack and holding with a clamp prevents it from falling into the water bath; continue distillation until there is condensation of vapours in the collecting flask and the volume of the contents of the distillation flask does not decrease further.

Why is a rotavapor essential in a laboratory?

Rotavaporators are certainly used for the process of removing organic solvent that occurs in a sample or the liquid-liquid extraction of a test; although there are several types of rotavaporators, they all serve the same purpose, only some are better for certain applications; and although for these functions we can use a simple distillation equipment; with the rotavapor it is much more efficient and faster.

To the rotavapor it is possible to attach a vacuum system that reduces the pressure, another advantage is that it has a rotation system, which when rotated shows, the contact area is greater so the evaporation is faster; if we want to list the reasons why the rotavapor is essential in the laboratory, it has a controlled heating system that makes the process more efficient; so we can establish the importance of the rotavapor compared to other equipment for distilling and heating samples; and perform the applications for which the rotavapor is used.

What you need to know before acquiring a rotavapor for your laboratory?

Depending on the needs of your laboratory, you can choose an engine with less or more power, the type of material, use water or fuel to heat the sample; you should know that there are manual and automated, the manual or standard ones have height adjustment and an intuitive operation of the user; and the automated ones can be programmed for a vacuum pressure, a rotation speed, on and off time, a fully computerized process.

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