Microtomes: different types that exist and for which they are used?

This equipment specially designed for the sectioning of samples that have been treated with paraffin, allow the cutting in extra thin layers, which facilitate observation in the microscopy, there are different models of these equipment that perform special cuts; where the angle of the blade and the direction of the cut prepare the samples to be examined with quality.

They are used to obtain fine serial cuts from tissues included in paraffin blocks for subsequent microscopic analysis; we can find from the mechanical microtomes to the more advanced ones, which are laser microtomes; the most modern allow cuts of a thickness of 0.1 to 100 ยตm. we at KALSTEIN offer you the necessary advice through our online channels, where engineers and technicians will answer your questions.

Types of microtomes and how they work

Sliding microtomes:

  • Fixed sample-subject.
  • Knife fixed on a slider.
  • During cutting the blade is pressed through the sample.
  • Cut thickness from 1 to 60 ยตm.
  • Guarantees a stable cut.

Rotation microtomes:ย 

  • Mobile sample-holder.
  • Fixed knife.
  • Powered by a steering wheel.
  • The subject-sample moves downward.
  • Samples accumulate on the blades.
  • It allows to prepare samples between 1 to 60 ยตm.
  • Guarantees a uniform cut.

Freezing microtomes:

  • Sub-category of rotating microtomes.
  • The sample is in a frozen container, for example nitrogen.
  • High hardness of the sample due to temperatures.

Ultra microtomes:ย ย 

  • Extremely fine preparations.
  • Special knives and a very fine advance.
  • Advanced powered by thermal expansion.
  • Cut thickness from 10 to 500 ยตm.

Laser microtomes:ย 

  • They use special laser for cutting.
  • Strong focus and very short impulse durations.
  • It does not cause thermal damage to the test material.
  • Cuts of thickness between 10 and 100 ยตm.

KALSTEIN-branded series of microtomes

In addition to the above-mentioned microtomes, we at KALSTEIN as manufacturers of laboratory equipment, can offer you a series of microtomes with the best and most advanced technology, however each one has characteristics that differentiate them from the other, if you want to review and detail each design, do not hesitate to search them at our link HERE

  • Automated YR415-1 Microtome: aerodynamic design, intelligent control mechanisms, automatic slicing speed is adjustable, advanced drive system and multiple functions, international advanced screw motion mechanism, digital display, braking system, safety, emergency and alarm system, hand wheel balance is precisely adjusted, blade bracket moves laterally.ย 
  • YR426 cryostate microtome: ergonomic design, retraction function, 20-minute sectional temperature, cryogenic cooling system, UV option allows disinfection of the surface of bacteria, viruses and harmful spores using 35 min after each use, two defrosting modes.ย ย ย ย ย 
  • YR416-1 semi-automatic detection microtome: multiuses for the highest demands in the category of paraffin sectioning, use in the area of hard section of biology, medicine, and industry.ย 
  • YR417/YR418/YR419/YR420/YR421 Manual Microtome: high performance design, optimum user comfort, multiple uses in histology laboratories, suitable for use in research laboratories, pathological anatomy.
  • Manual Microtome Semi-Automatic Rotary YR416: multiple uses for paraffin, as well as medicine and industry.ย ย 
  • Rotary YR422:ย  provides slice sections evenly in slices reliably and securely.ย 

Each model has different settings, the acquisition of these microtome can be made through online shopping channels that are very easy and viable, we invite you to visit our website, in the following link HEREย and enjoy the catalog of high quality equipment and the best price you will find on the market, besides being high-level manufacturers, with great demand purchase-sale worldwide, we offer you the best specialists to provide the necessary advice, our Kalstein Laboratory Equipment Company, offers you great advantages of warranty and commitment, ensuring a equipment with superior technology and high performance.