Differences between a hydraulic surgical table and an electric surgical table?

June 23, 2022by Kalstein

Hydraulic and electrical surgical tables are created for operations, being the fundamental tool in all hospital centers, provide movement according to the surgeon, providing security and comfort to patients. Their designs allow the passage of equipment within the operative field without interfering in their functions, in addition to the maneuvers concerning the intervention without the size or weight affecting the procedure.

On the other hand, its characteristics allow to graduate the position and height, making them the best solutions for hospitals, thanks to its benefits, such as height regulation, head position, support in the arms, etc. Although, its purposes are the same, its performance is similar. 

Performance of the Hydraulic and Electric Surgical Table

These tables have great differences and variations with respect to the method of operation. As for the electric table, its advanced automated system allows an operation of the structure, through a positioning display, which allows computerizing the development of the same. In addition, they have integral reset buttons, which allows the table to comfortably return to its default position without many complications. It is recommended that this button be executed when the intervention is complete.

On the other hand, the hydraulic tables offer the medical team the necessary space and mobility for the surgical intervention. Their methods of movement are different, since being a manual table, it does not have electronic devices for positioning or repositioning. The movements are shaped hydraulically, allowing to position each section manually.

Medical Training for the Handling of Hydraulic and Electric Surgical Tables

For medical personnel in the operative field, it is essential to know the surgical tables, for each of the interventions to be performed, together with their mechanisms and accessories. Therefore, it is recommended to study its functions, to have a minimum knowledge of its use, such as:

  • Before attempting to place the patient in a surgical position, it is necessary that the nurse is familiar with the operating table used in the operating room where she works, since the mechanics vary according to the manufacturer.
  • You must be able to manipulate the controls to move up, down, orient and flex all parts of the table.
  • It must be able to place the moving parts of the table, keeping in mind the positions in which the patient requires.
  • It should protect the patient from sinking injuries at the points. of bending during the movement of the table. 
  • Make sure the patient’s position on the table is correct.
  • Accommodate the necessary equipment to facilitate the procedure.
  • Check that the devices and mechanisms of the table are safe and according to the surgeon’s needs.

According to this, the correct position of the patient in the surgical tables is one of the varied skills that should dominate the medical staff of the operating room. Achieving with a full knowledge of the different positions, and the use of the tables according to the surgery to be performed, is undoubtedly one of the tasks that will clearly help for the proper care of the surgical patient; as well as founding a favorable situation for the best progress of surgery.

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