Differences between a veterinary operating table and a human operating table?

The operating tables are part of the surgical furniture, characterized by a flat surface, where patients and animals rest. They are responsible for providing comfort to patients and job security to the medical personnel who operate it. They have special features, which are adapted to the needs of users.

In this sense, the use of surgical tables for people are similar to those used for animals, since they have functional spaces at the time of any intervention. However, the platforms differ by their peculiar use, such as size, weight and versatility.

Similarly, for both the surgery rooms of humans and animals, they must offer completely hygienic, wide, ventilation and general safety executions.

Functions of the Veterinary Operations Bureau

It is critical to establish a relaxing health care environment, especially when it comes to disposal of the veterinary team, where it can affect the way an animal reacts to space. 

Accordingly, it is important to have furniture suitable to the needs of animals, since the operating tables must be versatile, adjusted to the height of the veterinary doctor, to comfortably examine any animal, regardless of its size.

It has special features such as:

  • The base should be smooth or placed in “V”, adaptable vertically or horizontally, to keep pets in the position of surgery. 
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Have full length rails that help in the support of animals.
  • The edges of the table should be rounded. 
  • Have natural drainage ducts per dimension inside.
  • The weight tolerance for patients is up to 120 kilos. 
  • To avoid falling animals, the table should have damping hinges and pneumatic spring.
  • The guide that holds the serum has to be fixed to the table structure.
  • Water-resistant pedals.

These features ensure the availability of ergonomic equipment and adaptable environments to improve the comfort of both the professional and the treated animal. With such surgical tables, the veterinarian will never have to carry a heavy animal, thus avoiding the risk of injuring himself or the animal.

Importance of the People Operations Bureau

The operating table is a very important device in surgical procedures, since it obeys the correct location of the patient, which is determined by both the type of procedure and vital functions. In addition, it must safeguard the health of the patient, and the comfort of surgeons within the operating spaces.

Therefore, the correct path chosen by the surgeon must be taken into account to perform any intervention, and the technique of care direction is an important part of the procedures. These aspects, require understanding and practice, however, with the right table, contributes to the attention and safety of the patient in the operating room and creating a favorable environment for the best development of surgery.

These equipment must be selected according to the type of room, and must be installed only by properly trained personnel and preferably have a proven practice. This is largely due to the health and life of the hospitalized patient.

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