Why is a flotation bath important in histology?

The treatments and processes that receive tissues in a histology laboratory, require special care that allow meticulous handling of tissues, in this case, flotation baths play an important role within this process, are specially designed to prevent wrinkles and deformations in the process of preparation and cuts of tissues in paraffin.

These flotation baths are basically a water bath using hot distilled water that allows meticulous handling and placement of sections on glass slides, this equipment is specifically designed to flatten sections of tissue; it has certain characteristics that make this an important equipment within histology laboratories, have a surface that provides greater temperature stability and rapid heating, controlled by a processor to ensure accurate regulation.

Flotation bath parts

  • Tank: This is the area where the equipment’s water or oil is stored.
  • Drive Tray: This device supports the containers that are placed on this computer and is located at the bottom of it.
  • Cover: It is the part that is outside the equipment and covers the flotation bath.
  • Thermometer: This indispensable device has the function of measuring the temperature of water or oil.
  • Temperature control: It is a component that regulates and adjusts the temperature in a constant way.

Importance of the flotation bath in the histology laboratory

The applications and functions of a histology laboratory are really extensive in terms of processing the tissues, this equipment allows you after executing the successive cuts that are made with the microtome, which are shrunk and cannot be placed directly in the object holder, then the function of the flotation bath; is to extend the ribbon of tissues to then be able to place it in the lamellar.

This equipment uses in its tank a special substance to carry out its work of stretching the fabric, substance that can be: distilled water, unflavored gelatin, oil, among others; the importance of the flotation bath or water bath is basically to help the fabric slats to spread, to later fish them and that these are fixed to the object holder.

KALSTEIN brand fabric flotation bath models

  • YR452 Flotation Workstation: This Kalstein model has certain design features that make it an updated and sophisticated equipment, described below:
  • Keyboard control, automatic microcomputer memory, LED lighting and digital tube display.
  • Pure green digital display for real-time monitoring of heating temperature, direct and clear, easy to operate.
  • The temperature is automatically controlled by single chip microprocessors made in the United States.
  • This device has several functions and its easy setup operation can meet the needs of different users.
  • Low voltage DC lighting system and removable transparent heating plate: easy to operate and convenient observation.
  • The new heating mechanism with a high-conductivity high-conductivity heating element provides uniform and rapid heating.
  • Controlled by pid.
  • Triple temperature controls.


  • Slide dryer YR451: this equipment perfectly complements the functions that correspond in a histology laboratory, meeting the following parameters:
  • Pure green digital display for real-time direct monitoring of heating temperature, clear and easy to operate.
  • All parameters, including preset temperatures, working temperatures and writing status are displayed in real time.
  • Triple temperature controls.
  • Long service life, safe, reliable and energy saving.
  • Temperature is precisely and reliably measured using built-in temperature detection blocks and all settings are automatically stored in the system.
  • The surface of temperature control probes is made with special black material to allow strong abrasion and corrosion resistance, fast conductivity and real-time measurement.
  • Automatic memory and restore functions: After commissioning, all predefined temperature data is automatically stored on the system.

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