What is a slide dryer used for in histology?

This is special equipment for slide drying is mainly used for microscope slide which is heated for clinical areas of cytology, histology biology, pathology and other clinical uses. This device has the heating function, which offers a black surface that allows to keep the samples at the correct temperature; a transparent acrylic cover that allows you to conveniently observe specimens without interrupting the internal temperature.

The advantages of this equipment is its fast heating surface with thermal distribution, thanks to its top plate design similar to a type plate heater, the novelty of this slide dryer incorporates PID regulator that keeps the temperature uniform and provides a digital display of the reading through the digital display of the equipment.

General characteristics of the slide dryer

We can find this equipment in different designs and manufacturers, however, by the clinical applications of the equipment, it must have general characteristics, which vary from manufacturer and design according to the most technological and advanced; in general we find the following characteristics:

  • It has an advantage in terms of automatic memory and restore functions.
  • The automatic programming between power on and off is set at any day, hour and minute of the week.
  • An important aspect present in all designs is temperature control, which is measured accurately and reliably through integrated temperature detection blocks.
  • Most manufacturers include a special black surface material that has as reference its strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • It offers the option of placing slides directly or on the sliding shelf, making them easy to transfer.
  • The most up-to-date equipment uses a new heating element with high thermal conductivity controlled by PID.

Slide dryer brand KALSTEIN

We as world-renowned manufacturers, meeting all established standards, have designed a slide dryer equipment, meeting the most demanding requirements of histology laboratories, in terms of its design and functionality; at KALSTEIN we offer you a high quality hot plate with keyboard control, automatic memory of microcomputers and digital tube, present in both designs that our brand has at your disposal.

We are manufacturers of two models: Fabric Heating Plate – YR455 and Slide Dryer (Oven) YR453; both models offer excellent advantages, such as improving workflow by providing high quality performance in your pathology laboratory workspace; we know that, in each histology laboratory, the sectioning process is very important. That’s why you should have this high-end device. The convenience of this slide dryer bringing you when it comes to the assembly process is like no other.

Features of the slide dryer in histology brand KALSTEIN

These equipments offer a series of features that make their function within the histology laboratory easier and more effective, this due to the high technology we use when designing our equipments:

  • Thanks to the use of a new type heating element, fast heating, long service life and energy savings are guaranteed.
  • Provides a digital display showing actual and pre-defined temperatures.
  • Automatic memory and restore functions: After commissioning, all pre-defined temperature data is automatically stored on the system
  • Special black surface material characterized by its strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • A small practical equipment, of little weight, on average of kg, easy to move.

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