How Many Types Of Weather Cameras Are There?

The climatic chamber is a unit capable of building the will of stable situations of temperature and relative humidity, to provide controlled climatic states, in order to have a reliable measurement pattern in the measuring instrument. It is made by an airtight structure, able to provide pressures between the inside and the outside, its main components being an access gate, means to humidify and condition the air inside the chamber, sensors and temperature controllers.

Within the commercial line, are considered as a standard equipment to evaluate and measure the preservation of samples, mostly used to store pharmaceutical products, veterinary, agri-food, biotechnological, biological, chemical, materials and others, under constant conditions of temperature and controlled humidity.

Types of cameras

Occasionally, the climatic chambers can be adjusted with various systems, such as photoperiod, for plant, plant, insect studies, etc. or photostability for pharmaceutical or cosmetic studies. However, using as an example the pharmaceutical sector, where studies of duration are very rigorous, climatic chambers are able to store products for 12 months under conditions of 25ยบC +/- 2ยบC of temperature and 60% +/- 5% of relative humidity.

There are also different types of cameras, which are:

  • Constant weather chambers: these are elements for climate assessment, where it specifies and regulates humidity conditions at a constant level. Within the pharmaceutical industry, tests of climatic zones, are performed long-term, over 12 months and accelerated tests over 6 months. All of these tests are useful for authorization and ongoing review of drugs and their principles.
  • Variable-climate cameras: developed under homogeneous conditions, available under high climate change, to meet stringent material tests. It determines the lower and upper temperature limit of component failure, the climate range for operation, transport conditions, storage and use consistent with the hidden design provisions and defects. Tests include extreme, rapid changes in temperature and humidity to cause accelerated aging until destruction.

Validation of the Climatic Chambers

Climatic chambers meet a goal of maintaining certain quality standards, they are essential to check the behavior of materials in many sectors. They provide precise background on the effectiveness of the prototypes, under contexts of stipulated temperature, humidity and light, which are necessary for the authorization of new products. For camera validation, the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Exact temperature measurement: Conditions can only be correctly assessed under constant temperature contexts over a long period of time.
  • Light recording and homogeneous distribution: In photostability tests, the camera should be illuminated evenly with a balanced ratio of UVA to natural light.
  • Active humidification and dehumidification: Allows for greater flexibility with or without direct connection to water outlets. Also, a fast reaction time is important for vapor humidification.
  • Administration: It must have sizes standard to the human, for better handling of the samples.
  • Accurate calculation and logging – provides reliable results that can be easily analyzed.

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