Controlled Parameters in a Climate Chamber?

The climatic chamber is a fundamental laboratory instrument to perform a wide range of climatic tests on materials. However, it is very important to discover the descriptions of the climatic chambers, because depending on the operation and possibilities of each climatic chamber, some tests may or may not be practicable.

In this way, the main parameters are, the control of temperature, humidity and illumination, three technical specifications that characterize the climate chamber and that cannot be missing in any of them.

Within the production line, work to evaluate and measure the preservation of samples, generally used to store pharmaceutical products, veterinary, agri-food, biotechnological, biological, chemical, materials and others, under constant conditions of temperature and controlled humidity.

Environmental Parameters 

Within the camera’s specifications, temperature plays an important and essential role in any climate test. Most climate cameras range from -25°C to +70°C, depending on their use. On the other hand, there are others with extreme temperature range, covering temperatures from -40°C to + 180°C. Its mechanism, acts in two different ways, to raise the temperature, take advantage of the electrical resistance, while using the cooling unit to cool the chamber.

According to the humidity factor, the range can reach 10% to 80%, while others can reach 98%, ie, near saturation.

Thus, some products use ultrasound technology, whereas others use evaporation of water with a heat source. Steam rises to the top of the chamber, where it cools again, increasing the total humidity.

Also, climate chambers may have other technical specifications, which allow further testing. These include lighting systems, which are used to represent the reflection of sunlight, using fluorescent lamps, xenon or LEDs and be positioned vertically or horizontally with respect to the test plane.

Sometimes it is necessary to build a climate chamber with an electrodynamic, or hydraulic, vibrator in one or up to 6 degrees of freedom, to perform accelerated aging.

Criteria for the Approval of the Climate Chambers

The climatic chambers play necessary disposition standards to demonstrate the behavior of materials in many sectors. They provide exact elements about the effectiveness of prototypes, under contexts of temperature, humidity and light, which are mandatory for the evaluation of different materials. For this purpose, it is necessary to take into account criteria of measures, which are:

  • It allows evaluating correctly under constant temperature contexts for long periods
  • It has uniform distribution and light records, contributing to a balanced natural light.
  • Controls the administration of standard sizes to the human, for better handling of the samples.
  • Provides reliable answers that can easily analyze the exact calculation and record.

In summary, there are many types of weather cameras, and the use depends on the needs of the user, and can define the device that best suits the requirements.

It should be noted that the installation of the cameras should be ideal, to avoid accelerated aging of the camera itself, and does not affect the functions of the parameters.

Finally, maintenance must be done on a regular basis, since a climate camera needs to change fungibles, make adjustments so that the equipment operates without any new features.

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