Advantages of using the Electroscalpel for Dermatology

The electrical scalpel or electroscalpel is a device of an electrical nature that is capable of generating current in controlled radiofrequency that, when applied to an area of tissue by means of an electrode, can cut or eliminate by coagulation, fulguration or drying, the tissue selected when applying a specific electrical current through a terminal.

Electrosurgery, radiofrequency surgery, and diathermy are the most common surgical procedure in the operating room. In almost every operating room in the world there is an electrosurgery unit that is used in all surgical disciplines, both in the hospital and outpatient sectors. The doctor has numerous high-frequency surgical instruments for open surgery, laparoscopic and flexible endoscopic procedures, and in the field of dermatology has many applications, since the use of the electroscalpel has advantages such as the following:

  • Incisions can be made quite precisely, putting little pressure on tissues.
  • Difficult areas can be accessed relatively easily.
  • It allows the lifting of hypertrophic tissues in a comfortable way.
  • The bleeding may be contained.
  • If used correctly, excellent scarring occurs in the gingival tissues.
  • Tissues in dental interproximal areas can be more comfortably removed compared to conventional techniques.
  • The chance of undesirable organisms entering the incision line is decreased.

What can an electroscalpel be used for in dermatology?

In addition to the safety of incisions made with the electroscalpel, it is a less expensive procedure than surgeries performed by conventional methods and from the aesthetic point of view recovery is superior. In the field of dermatology has many applications; however, it is contraindicated in undiagnosed lesions, malignant lesions or undiagnosed pigmented lesions. On the other hand, it can be used to:

  • Remove warts.
  • Keratosis.
  • Ectasias.
  • Malignant lesions (depends on type, size, and anatomic location).

For each of these treatments can arise some complications, which are prevented by following the suggested care, which is usually daily change of the fat, application of a germicidal substance and dressing. Facial wounds usually epitheliate between 10 and 14 days, whereas wounds of the trunk and limbs epitheliate until 21 days.

How is the application of the electroscalpel based?

In general: Electrosurgery has become an indispensable part of the modern surgeon’s instruments. This technique itself began with the use of high-frequency alternating currents. The technology of tubes and, later, transistors, allowed to generate a type of current suitable for each application. When the current flows through the body, which as an electrolyte has good electrical conductivity depending on the type of tissue (and water content), three different effects occur according to the first law of Joule:

  • Nerve stimulation is caused by the Faraday effects.
  • Electrolysis (chemical effect).
  • The heat from the Joule current causes the cells to burst and vaporize.

High-frequency alternating currents of more than 300 kHz up to the MHz range are used to eliminate unwanted muscle contractions by nerve stimulation. In English, the term “radio surgery” (RS) is used for this purpose. Thermal energy is selectively released locally by selecting the current type and geometry of the electrodes.

Current flows from a working tip, called an active electrode, through the body to the widely applied neutral electrode. Local release of heat into the active electrode causes cells to burst and vaporize. The goal is always to minimize tissue trauma to achieve a sharp cut without collateral damage to the tissues.

Why employ Kalstein electrosurgical generator equipment?

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