What are the characteristics of Ice Maker?

Ice, which is nothing more than solid water, can become an ingredient in the preparation of cocktails or an indispensable element for the conservation of food in the kitchen. The water used to produce the ice must be of maximum purity to meet transparency requirements and give the ice the quality of an ingredient, but this is not enough, there are processes in ice production that also depend on the type of machine chosen; but all of them are characterized by:

  • Fast ice production.
  • Storage Capacity.
  • Ice production in different forms.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Automatable equipment.
  • Choosing the shape of ice.

The machine used to make ice is often called an ice maker. In that sense, the most common systems for producing ice cubes are two: spray or paddle. The ice so manufactured is used in the preparation of cocktails and / or to cool all drinks that require it. The application fields of this element are multiple, it can also be used in the form of granules and scales according to the use you want to give it. Now you just have to choose the one that suits you best, some of which will be described at the end of this article.

Which feature should be compared before buying an ice maker?

Although aesthetically each ice machine is closely related to another, functionally and mechanically there are several aspects that can vary. These design characteristics are related to the type of sector where the ice will be directed: if it is directed to the food sector, the equipment must meet all applicable parameters to make it safe for human consumption. Among the characteristics to be taken into account are:

  • Duration of a production cycle.
  • Ice dispensing rate.
  • Ice size.

One of the factors to consider when evaluating an ice maker is the time it takes for the manufacturer to complete a production cycle. For example, if the specifications say “production in 6-13 minutes”, this implies that the production time of the cubes can vary between 6 and 13 minutes depending on the type of cube chosen, small or large, if two sizes are available.

The delivery time of the cubes, depends mainly on the power of the bowl. On average, the higher power output of the machine will correspond to a higher dispensing speed. In addition to the dispensing speed, the different sizes of cubes made by the ice machine are also relevant. In fact, not all ice machines offer the possibility to vary the size of the cubes.

The importance of water quality

Water is the substance that feeds the ice maker, which will then be transformed internally to the solid state, therefore, this equipment need a constant and reliable source of water. In this sense, impurities of a solid and gaseous nature impede the transparency and durability of the cube.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, when there is considerable opacification, the cube is more fragile and the cooling effect is more durable with premature melting. It is essential to intercept upstream impurities while keeping the essential mineral values of the water intact. It is not surprising that filters and purifiers are installed, so that the ice produced is safe in case it is consumed.

What is the consumption of an ice machine?

One of the things that often worries people about investing in an ice maker is energy consumption. To limit the energy impact of the ice machine, many manufacturers cease production once the maximum number of cubes that the tank can hold has been reached. However, despite this resource, the aspect of consumption remains generally relevant for those approaching the purchase.

Although ice makers consume less, which has an impact on their production capacity, it is clear that the consumption of each of these machines is linked to professional needs. Those industries that require an apparatus capable of producing large quantities of ice will need a more powerful machine.

The aspect of consumption is then certainly very important, especially for those who buy a professional ice machine. Needless to say, a high-power machine in constant operation involves a significant energy effort and costs associated with electricity bills. However, most equipment is designed to be energy efficient.

Why choose a Kalstein ice maker?

The ice maker built by the equipment manufacturer Kalstein, is part of the brand’s efforts to generate a product that meets the needs of various sectors that require ice for different purposes. This equipment, which can be detailed by clicking on the link HERE