What are the disadvantages of using a plasma centrifuge?

The use of a plasma centrifuge has become an increasingly common process in many modern laboratories; this equipment is used to separate plasma components from blood, making their research possible.

Although this equipment offers many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that all users should consider; one of the main disadvantages of using a plasma centrifuge is that it can be expensive, these equipment are designed with advanced technology and, apart from their acquisition cost, also have significant maintenance costs.

Other significant disadvantages of using plasma centrifuges include

They also require specialized equipment for their installation, which increases the cost of the project, allowing proper centrifugation of the plasma, another disadvantage of using plasma centrifuges is the time they require before the results are visible.

These centrifuges also require a long time to operate, which ends in a significant loss of time, plasma centrifugation must be done at high speed, which often requires its properties to be adjusted and it can turn smoothly.

These machines produce a lot of information, which can discourage unqualified users

On the other hand, there are also health risks involved in the use of plasma centrifuges, the machinery in this device is very sensitive and if something goes wrong during the process there is a real possibility of users getting hurt. Manual handling of centrifuged tubes may require supervision by a qualified professional; Even if the user is an expert, it can be difficult to operate the machine safely; in addition, the results of a plasma centrifuge can be very difficult to interpret.

Users should be knowledgeable and theoretically and technically well trained before handling a plasma centrifuge

These machines are highly complex and extra users will not understand the language and formats used for the analysis of the results; although plasma centrifuges offer many advantages, they also bring some disadvantages.

Plasma centrifuges require significant investment, have a relatively long run time and require special care; they can be a useful tool for blood analysis, but it should be noted that users should be aware of the challenges involved in their use.

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