Sterilization of tattoo materials with the use of ultrasonic cleaners

During tattooing, there is a risk of infection by various microorganisms transmissible through blood. The entry of the tattoo needle into the skin can introduce a variety of microbes if the needle has not been sterilized.

Among the infections that can occur are those caused by bacteria, such asย Staphylococcus,ย Streptococcus,ย Pseudomonasย andย Clostridium; in addition to viral infections such as hepatitis B and C; human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), herpes; and viruses that cause local infections, such as warts and condylomas.

Microorganisms can come from different sources, the person performing the tattoo, the client, the instruments, the furniture, among others. However, the risk of transmission is reduced or eliminated if the staff of the tattoo establishment complies with a series of simple cleaning and disinfection steps for the establishment, the people who perform the tattoos and the instruments. The latter must be properly sanitized and sterilized.

Why is cleaning and disinfection necessary in the tattoo parlor?

These types of establishments present conditions for cross-contamination to occur. These consist of the dispersion of bacteria and viruses from one surface to another. It is important to remember that microorganisms transmitted through blood can persist on objects and surfaces for some time.

Therefore, if surfaces, instruments and hands are not cleaned and disinfected after serving a customer, the risk of transmission of microorganisms to another customer is high. The intention is to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Steps for cleaning and disinfection in a tattoo establishment

  • Before and after each session, all surfaces of the tattoo machine and its accessories should be cleaned and disinfected. A soft cloth dampened with disinfectant should be used for this purpose.
  • Disassemble the machine and place all extended parts on a clean surface. Gloves must be worn.
  • Check for the presence of residues such as paint or body fluids.
  • All machine accessories can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with disinfectant. In the case of the handle, it can be sprayed with a disinfectant solution.
  • Include the accessories and the rest of the materials that are reusable, in an ultrasonic bath, with the exception of those parts of the tattoo machine that cannot be submerged.

Usefulness of ultrasonic cleaners for sterilization of tattoo materials

For the cleaning and disinfection of instruments and materials used in tattoo establishments, ultrasonic cleaners are recommended. This equipment uses ultrasound and special solutions, which make it possible to sanitize the materials used.

The cavitation produced by the high-frequency waves emitted in the cleaning solution releases enough energy to dislodge the residues adhered to the instruments. One of the most outstanding advantages of this equipment is that, in addition to eliminating residues efficiently, it can perform a medium-high level disinfection of the materials.

Level of disinfection with ultrasonic cleaners

The level of disinfection will depend on the solutions used and the time the materials are immersed in the solution. For example, a solution containing 2% Glutaraldehyde will have a bactericidal and virucidal action if the materials are immersed for 10 minutes. If the immersion time is between 3 to 10 hours, it will provide a sporicidal action. When reaching 10 hours, it will have a sterilizing action.

However, because Glutaraldehyde emits vapors and can be toxic, it has been displaced by other high-level disinfectants, such as 2% hydrogen peroxide. This is a biodegradable disinfectant and no protective measures are required when using it. Once the material is disinfected, it needs to be rinsed with abundant distilled water to remove the disinfectant. They are then dried and packaged.

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