Infusion Pump

An Infusion Pump is a medical device that works by producing mechanical pressure to move fluids through a tube into the patient's vascular system, allowing fluids to be delivered with greater precision. These devices facilitate the parenteral administration of drugs and solutions, and are primarily used in situations where accuracy and consistency of drug or solution delivery are essential.

Therefore, these devices play an essential role in any operating room, especially in the induction and maintenance of total intravenous anesthesia, but also in the administration of medications needed by the patient during the operating room stay.


At Kalstein you will find the ideal Infusion Pumps for your Medical Sector


Ultrasound Laptop 15 Inch Touch Screen YR05165

High-resolution 15.1 โ€ณ color LED backlight display with high contrast and wide viewing angle, touch screen is optional....

Screen Remote Control Infusion Pump YR05164

4.3-inch color LCD screen, with backlight, suitable for working in various ambient light conditions. infusion monitoring system (optional)...

Our best-selling Infusion Pump

Pump type Drip Type Infusion Pump
Pumping Form peristaltic fingers
Adjustable Fall Rate Range 1 ~ 400 drops / min (step: 1 drop / min)
Adjustable Volume Rate Range 1 ~ 1200 ml / h (when 1 ~ 99.9 ml / h, step: 0.1 ml / h; greater than 99.9 ml / h, step: 1 ml / h)
Flow Accuracy Within 3% or so (using manufacturerโ€™s designated IV kit or high quality calibrated IV kit)
Mechanical precision within 2% or so
Purge Rate 800ml / h

Analysis of the best Infusion Pumps for the Medical Sector

What is the purpose of an infusion pump?

The infusion pump is a system for delivering medications directly into the patient's bloodstream. The procedure must be...

How many types of infusion pumps are there?

Infusion pumps are machines designed to ensure and control medical procedures at intravenous level in patients who require it...

What is a continuous infusion pump?

The Continuous Infusion Pump is a team that helps patients to supply chemotherapy medicines in the comfort of their home...

Care and maintenance of an infusion pump

An infusion pump is a medical equipment used in clinics and hospitals to mobilize fluids such as solutions, drugs...

Guide for becoming an Infusion Pump expert

Catalog of Infusion Pump models on offer

Importance of the Infusion Pump in the treatment of sepsis

Sepsis is a terrifying disease that affects several thousand people each year, as well as their families and loved ones...

Application of infusion pumps for pain control

The region became culturally distinguishable from the Lowlands from the later Middle Ages into the modern period...

Infusion Pumps in the treatment of hypertension

Infusion pumps allow doctors to give drugs in precise doses to treat a variety of conditions, from anxiety disorders and depression...

The role of infusion pumps in patient safety and quality of care

Continuous infusion of a drug or solution is important in some clinical conditions, such as septic shock, prevention of thrombus migration in people with cardiovascular disease...

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