Heating Mantle / (Stirrer)

Heating blankets are devices that are used in order to maintain a stable temperature determined for a specific process. Its design makes the transfer effective thanks to the uniform temperature distribution throughout the area in contact with the container and the materials with which it is made. They are the best option for the user due to their rapid heating and thermal response.

This laboratory equipment is made of stainless steel and CR steel and is also provided with an electrostatic paint coating. It has a heating element covered with fiberglass with a high thermal resistance. Additionally, it has rods for holding the glass parts with a height of 50 cm.

Types of Heating Mantle / (Stirrer) a Laboratory may need

Heating Mantle YR05021 // YR05036

Digital type single position mantles are with outer sensor, multi position mantles are with inner sensor, outer...


Heating Mantle YR05055 // YR05058

 multi heating mantles are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other extraction procedures)...


Heating Mantle YR05039 // YR05048

nichrome heating wire, litter warming up time, long service life,Easy operation, wide applicationPrecise PID ...


Multi Heating Mantle YR05049 // YR05054

YR multi heating mantles are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other extraction procedures), laboratory...


Our Best Selling Heating Mantle / (Stirrer)

YR Multi Heating Blankets are designed for repetitive extraction (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet and other extraction procedures), laboratory reflux and distillation applications.

Space-saving design of the extraction mantle.
Independent and separate temperature control in each different condition
The internal heating element consists of soft fiberglass, protected against damage to the flask.
Precise PID temperature control meets the needs of high-precision experiments

Analysis of the best Heating Mantle for your Laboratory

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Guides to becoming an expert in Heating Mantle / (Stirrer)

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of equipment of Heating Mantle / (Stirrer) of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some guides to know more about our product...

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Videos of Heating Mantle / (Stirrer)

In this section you can find, our Heating Blocks (Agitators) in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc..

Heating beds (Shakers) in operation

The heating blankets can be made of fabrics or more rigid constructions, some can be made of stainless steel with electrostatic paint coating, with its heating element covered by high thermal resistance fiberglass. These equipments can obtain different temperature ranges and have varied regulation levels, as well as an element that provides agitation. They provide a short heating duration, distribute heat without creating condensed water, do not produce flames and are safe equipment for heating above 100ยฐC.

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