A laboratory incubator is an instrument that allows a large number of experimental processes to be carried out inside it, such as microbiological and cell cultures, thanks to its ability to achieve the optimum temperature and humidity for it, as well as the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen. In other words, this equipment allows these crops to be stored in an ideal environment, facilitating their proper development thanks to the control of variables such as temperature, pressure and air circulation.

A laboratory incubator generally has an electrical resistance system controlled by thermostats or microprocessor controls, and has two basic operating modes: natural convection, where the air flow is generated by a temperature difference, or convection forced, in which external equipment such as a cooling fan or pump is used to create an air current.


Types of Incubators that a Laboratory may need

CO2 Incubator

CO2 incubators are an advanced instrument where the development of cell and tissue cultures is carried out, guaranteeing an environment with a natural atmosphere, these incubators guarantee a temperature, humidity and CO2 content, offering maximum growth and safety to tests, at KALSTEIN we have a CO2 incubator that meets the requirements of cultures of living organisms in vitro, one of the main applications of this type of incubator.

The variety of applications of these incubators, the quality and efficiency of the experimental work justify the expense of acquiring a CO2 incubator; offer superior control of CO2 pressure and temperature of anaerobic flasks and desiccators take longer to heat up; At KALSTEIN we offer you two sizes of this equipment, bearing in mind that the size of the incubator required will depend on the intended use, both the number of people who use it and the types of crops.


Constant temperature Incubator

Undoubtedly, incubators have a specific function within a laboratory, and it is to store and condition the environment, to carry out the necessary microorganism tests effectively and efficiently, some of its applications are to maintain microbiological and cell cultures, in addition to analyzing the compounds of microbiology and the development of organic compounds; incubators manage to maintain the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen that facilitate these studies, this is through temperature, pressure and air circulation, characteristics of these equipment.

Now, as a result of this variety of uses, there are several types of incubators, they are already classified by their utility and application in the medical and industrial field, so the choice of a specific model will depend directly on the type of microorganism with which being worked on, in order to store everything that contains chemical samples and finally carry out the


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Incubator for your Laboratory

At Kalstein we have an excellent range of Incubators for your laboratory. That is why we invite you to take a look at some of our available Incubators

Biochemical incubator–400L

Applicable to the analysis and determination of BOD of water is a research department dedicated to the protection of the...


Microbiology incubator

With constant temperature and humidity control function. It is a team based on environmental protection, medicine ...


Bacteria incubator

For environmental protection, medicine, drug testing, health and epidemic prevention, animal husbandry, aquaculture...


Heated Lid Dry Bath Incubator YR05889 – YR05890

YR05889 – YR05890 are a Dry Bath Incubator with heated lid...


Our best selling Incubator

Constant temperature Incubator 50 L – 160 L

  • Precision LCD display, microcomputer intelligent PID control system; electric film carbon fiber heating, constant temperature; with timer and overheat alarm; with RS485 computer interface; International brand standard cooling fan, maintenance-free, durability; Perfect duct design to ensure temperature uniformity for the working chamber; Inner stainless steel mirror, anti-acid and anti-corrosion
  • Modern high-class laboratories recommend using a suitable culture temperature environment with higher user requirements.
  • Apply to such as cultivation of microorganism industries, the necessary equipment for health care, biotechnology and agriculture, and scientific experiments.

Analysis of the best Incubator for your Laboratory

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Guides to becoming an Incubator expert

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Incubator to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for

Applications of a CO2 Incubator

A CO2 incubator is a laboratory equipment also called a gasification incubator, where the development of cell and tissue ...

 Recommendations and Care

A CO2 incubator is a laboratory equipment that is also called a gasification incubator, and is used to carry out the development...

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Videos of Incubator in operation

In this section you can find videos of our Incubators in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Working Incubator

Laboratory incubators are widely used for biology applications, such as for cell and tissue cultures, for pharmaceutical and hematological studies, for biochemical studies, food processing and cell aeration, also used for animal studies, solubility and fermentation studies as well as for bacterial cultures.

Incubators are widely used to study tissue cultures involving the extraction of fragments of animal or plant tissue and to store these “explants” (for example cells isolated from a portion of tissues) in controlled environments (temperature, pH, CO2 and humidity) and subsequently analyze their growth. 

Frequently asked questions about Incubators

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