Mini Dry Bath Incubator YR05891 // YR05893

Manufacturer: Kalstein


Mini Dry Bath Incubator is controlled by PID, applied to vehicle power supply due to small palm-size and light weight. Widely used in rapid inspection kit or small labs.

  • Display with timer and temperature
  • DC 12V, built-in over temperature protect
  • Automatic failure detection with buzzer alarm
  • Easy to change blocks
  • 9 Stored programs, each contains 3 segments
Technical Specification:
Model YR05891 YR05892 YR05893
Temperature Control Range RT+5โ„ƒ ~100โ„ƒ RT-20โ„ƒ ~100โ„ƒ RT+5โ„ƒ ~100โ„ƒ
Heating Up Rate(20โ„ƒ to 100โ„ƒ ) โ‰ค 15m
Temperature Control Accuracy ยฑ0.3โ„ƒ
Temperature Stability @40โ„ƒ ยฑ0.3โ„ƒ
Temperature Stability @100โ„ƒ ยฑ0.3โ„ƒ
Display Accuracy 0.1โ„ƒ
Timer 0~99h, 0~99m, 0~99s
Max. Temperature 100โ„ƒ
Max. Power 48W 60W 120W
Cooling Down Rate Natural cooling โ‰ค 30m 100-25โ„ƒ โ‰ค 30m RT.- 20โ„ƒ
Heating Lid No Yes
Optional Accesories:
Type Tube Type Description Type Capacity
YR05893-op1 0.2ml tube 32 x 0.2ml Centrifuge Tube 32
YR05893-op2 0.5ml tube 24 x 0.5 ml Centrifuge Tube 24
YR05893-op3 1.5ml tube 15 x 1.5 ml Centrifuge Tube 12
YR05893-op4 2.0ml tube 15 x2.0 ml Centrifuge Tube 15
YR05893-op5 Cuette 8~12.5 x 12.5 mm (Cuette๏ผ‰ 8
YR05893-op6 15ml tube๏ผˆWorking without lid๏ผ‰ 6 x 15 ml Centrifuge Tube – Open lid when working 6
YR05893-op7 50ml tube๏ผˆWorking without lid๏ผ‰ 2 x 50 ml Centrifuge Tube – Open lid when working 2
YR05893-op8 5ml tube๏ผˆWorking without lid๏ผ‰ 12 x 5.0ml Centrifuge Tube 12
YR05893-op9 Customized

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 21 cm

YR05891, YR05892, YR05893

Characteristic Feature

No Features, YR05893-op1 32 x 0.2ml Centrifuge Tube, YR05893-op2 24 x 0.5 ml Centrifuge Tube, YR05893-op3 15 x 1.5 ml Centrifuge Tube, YR05893-op4 15 x2.0 ml Centrifuge Tube, YR05893-op5 8~12.5 x 12.5 mm (Cuvette๏ผ‰, YR05893-op6 6 x 15 ml Centrifuge Tube – Open lid when working, YR05893-op7 2 x 50 ml Centrifuge Tube – Open lid when working, YR05893-op8 12 x 5.0ml Centrifuge Tube, YR05893-op9 Customized

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