Optical Surgical Navigation

A Surgical Navigation System is a device that facilitates the planning and execution of surgical procedures in the operating room, i.e., it guides surgical instruments such as scalpels. These are instruments that are connected to screens by means of sensors with imaging methods. There are two types of navigation systems: optical and electromagnetic, offering flexibility and efficiency combined with a space-saving design in the operating room.

There is currently a growing demand for minimally invasive surgery, with reduced hospital stays, low patient pain and rapid healing. This has led to a growing demand for optical surgical navigation systems. 

Types of Optical Surgical Navigation that a Medical Sector may need

Surgical Navigation Systems YR02143

YR02143 is an innovative computer-aided electromagnetic surgical navigation system, widely used for surgical...

Our best selling Optical Surgical Navigation

YR02143 is an innovative computer-aided electromagnetic surgical navigation system widely used for surgical visualization, planning and navigation to minimize iatrogenic trauma to surrounding brain tissue and reduce the risk of surgical complications in cranial procedures (such as cranial neurology and ENT surgery).

  • Tomographic images in DICOM and captured by CT / C-arm / MRI / fMRI are applicable in the surgical navigation system YR02143.
  • The advanced optical tracking system tracks the 3D position and orientation of active or passive markers attached to surgical tools in real time for exceptional accuracy (1.0 mm spatial resolution) and reliability.
  • The method of simulation and 3D modeling of anatomical structures in the material (such as skin, skull, brain tissue or target lesion) can be easily defined for surgical convenience.
  • With the integrated navigation probe and advanced optical measurement technology, the surgeon can easily quantify the size and position of lesions and then scientifically design the surgical approach.

Analysis of Optical Surgical Navigation for your Medical Sector

What is the role of optical surgical navigation?

These navigation systems help with execution and organization in the surgical field, allowing the guidance of instruments...

Benefits of optical surgical navigation system?

Through the use of optical surgical navigation systems, it allows the development of surgeries by means of real...

Why is an optical surgical navigation important?

Through technological advances in medicine, it allows health experts to reach levels of precision and safety using optical...

Surgical navigation systems optics and cancer

According to the functions of the optical surgical navigation, it allows the detection of cancer in patients, also decreases...

Catalog of Optical Surgical Navigation models

Guides for you to become an expert in Optical Surgical Navigation
There are an infinite number of models to choose from, so it's normal to be confused about which Optical Surgical Navigation to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you are looking for.

The Importance of Calibrating a Surgical Navigator

The calibration of an optical surgical navigator is one of the most important issues in the planning and execution of a robotic surgery...

Development of Surgical Navigators for Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery is an essential part of modern medicine that involves the application of surgical techniques and instrumental techniques...

Advances provided by a Surgical Navigation System

Today’s technological advances have made it possible to have in the operating rooms a series of equipment that allow to carry out the...

Surgical navigation systems, on the way to the operating room of the future

A surgical navigation system is an image-guided intraoperative localization system. It consists of software to visualize images in two and three dimensions...

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