Chest Freezer YR05102

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Medical Chest Freezer YR05102 -40ºC. Medical & Lab Freezers To Store Medicine, Vaccines and Blood Plasma.

Key Features
  • Microprocessor control, adjustable temperature range: -10CºC to -40ºC
  • LED digital display and accurate to 0.1ºC
  • High density CFC-Free urethane foam insulation.
Ergonomic Design
  • USB data logging and temperature recorder (optional).
  • Build-in lock with safety and beauty
  • Lockable caster design for customer to move as need
  • Chemically stable, CFC -free, commercially available and environmentally safe refrigerant.
  • LED digital display for clear observation,
  • Wide voltage tolerance design with applicable voltage range of 187-242V/AC
  • Multiple malfunction alarms to detect high and low temperature , sensor error, power off, temperature controller malfunction, door ajar.
  • Two types of alarm indications: audible buzzing and visual flashing light.
  • Corrosion proof cabinet interior design.
Parameter Model YR05102
Cooling method Direct cooling
Defrost Manual
Refrigerant R290
Power consumption(kWh/24h) 1.65
Noise(db) 50
Ambient temperature(℃) 10~32℃
Temperature range(℃) ·-10~40℃
Cooling system
Compressor brand/QTY CUBIGEL/1
Condenser Wire tube
Sensor NTC
Temperature controller Microprocessor
Display Digital display
Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 220/50Hz
Power(W) 160W
Current(A) 1.15A
Inside material Stainless steel
Outside material Color sprayed steel
Insulation PURF
Capacity(L/cu.ft) 105/3.70
NT./GT.(kg) 52/64.5
Exterior size(W*D*H)(mm) 685*645*930
Interior size(W*D*H)(mm) 480*380*665
Package size(W*D*H)(mm) 750*700*1040
CBM 0.55
20GP/40GP/40HQ 24/51/51
High/low temperature Y
Power failure Y
Sensor error Y
Filter check /
Temperature controller failure Y
Power failure backup system(alarm) 12h
Foot /
Castor Y
Test hole QTY/diameter 1/25MM

Additional Information

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions 75 × 71 × 110 cm

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