What are the care and maintenance needs of a child radiant heater?

A radiant infant heater is a medical equipment commonly used in pediatrics and neonatology services, specifically in neonatal intensive care units, to provide newborns with a comfortable thermal area that maintains their body temperature from 36 to 37 degrees. This equipment works through a servo control or servo mechanism and heat transfer is produced by thermal radiation.

This equipment provides a warm and appropriate environment for newborns that helps them maintain their body temperature, since as soon as babies are born, they lose a lot of body heat in the first hours, which can compromise their health status and even endanger their life. Childhood radiant heaters are also used for critically ill patients who require constant nursing intervention and as all medical equipment needs special care and continuous maintenance for their proper functioning.

Structure of a child radiant heater

Children’s radiant heaters are heating units, which feature a heat source, a skin temperature sensor, a servocontrol unit and visual and sound alarms. It is often composed of three blocks:

  • Source of heat
  • Control unit
  • Platform of support

A child radiant heater is controlled by a microcontroller. It is usually made of 3 blocks, the first one consists of incandescent lamps, diffusers and the heat source that can be ceramic, quartz or infrared light. On the other hand, there is the control unit, both manual heater and servo controlled control and alarms. Finally, we have the platform, in which the chassis holder of Rx plates, mattress and others are displayed.

Care and cleaning of a child radiant heater

For cleaning and care of the radiant heater for children, we recommend the following points:

  • For all cleaning procedures unplug the power cord.
  • Clean the heater with a mild detergent solution with a sponge or damp cloth.
  • Prevent liquids from entering the equipment’s electrical box.
  • Clean the metal structure with disinfectants that do not damage the materials.

Maintenance of a child radiant heater

As for the maintenance of the children’s radiant heater Kalstein recommends the following:

  • Perform a general cleaning of the equipment once the stay of each newborn is completed.
  • Clean and inspect the heating element every 3 months.
  • A calibration of the control system should be performed every six months. This type of maintenance can only be performed by qualified personnel, otherwise it can cause permanent damage to the system (wrong measurements) and even leave it out of service or inoperative.

What does Kalstein offer you?

Kalstein is a company MANUFACTURER of medical and laboratory equipment of the highest quality and the best technology at the best PRICES in the market, so you can make your PURCHASE with us, knowing that you have the service and advice of a company specialized in the field and committed to provide you with safe, economical and effective options for the performance of your functions in the right way. In this opportunity we present our Children’s radiant heater YR02193, this equipment is the most advanced radiant heater for babies in the family of heaters that we have, it provides an enriching and vital environment. It is equipped with phototherapy units at the top and under the bed, the baby can receive better treatment.  HERE

Low pressure suction and resuscitation units are also available for this model. Among its characteristics we can mention:

  • Pre-heating, manual control and skin temperature mode.
  • Servo-controlled microprocessor-based temperature system with far infrared heater
  • The temperature deviation can be observed and corrected on the front panel for error measurement.
  • Self-test function for security reasons.
  • Upper and lower phototherapy units
  • The inclination of the bed can be adjusted.
  • The heater head can be adjusted horizontally between 0-90°.
  • Transparent folding protector.
  • Fall protection function of the skin temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities.
  • Comfortable tray for X-ray cassettes under the children’s bed.

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