Operating tables for arms and legs

An operating table for arms and legs is a specialized table used in medical operating theaters in order to position the patient during surgery, this medical team has a design that allows the ergonomic positioning of the patient’s arms and legs, since it comes equipped with arms and legs, which allow to spread these structures for the different surgical procedures.

They consist of a main platform, on which the patient can sit or lie down as needed, and a central base that allows adjustment of the height and inclination of the table, arms and legs. Table settings and settings help to put the patient in the desired position.

Availability of operating table

Modern operating tables are currently available in either stationary or mobile units. Operating tables use a power source to make the various settings, such as height or tilt.

The operating tables are classified into universal operating tables and special operations tables, which in turn are classified into different models, depending on the medical specialties for which ophthalmological, gynecological, orthopedic, among others are used.

Criteria for selecting the correct operating table

The type of operations to be carried out will influence the type of table chosen, in this case we talk about the operating tables of arms and legs, but it is important that before making the purchase of an operating table, take into account the following technical criteria related to the installation of the operating table:

  • Available space and size: You should consider the dimensions of the operating table and the space required depending on the different positions that are adopted. The position will vary depending on the type of surgery being performed.
  • Power supply: Have a nearby power supply.
  • Compatibility with accessories: It is necessary to check the compatibility of the table with the different accessories depending on the applications that will give it; these include leg rests, traction racks, or rear frames. A radiotransparent table will also be required for clinical cases of radiation therapy.
  • Security: It is necessary to take into account the antibacterial, antifungal and flame retardant properties of the table surface. Just as the maximum burden the table can bear must also be taken into account, in particular to avoid any risk of falling obese patients.

What do we offer you in Kalstein?

Kalstein is a company MANUFACTURER of medical and laboratory equipment of the highest quality and that have the most advanced technology at the best prices in the market, so we guarantee you a safe and effective purchase, knowing that you have the service of a solid company and committed to health. This time we present our YR02153 operating table with a new universal operating table, offering effective solutions for the widest variety of requirements in the operating room. It is an ideal operating table that can be used in general surgery, thoracic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, urology, brain surgery and otolaryngological surgery. Among its main features are: HERE

  • Longitudinal displacement of 350 mm: adding more space for the C-arc in X-ray imaging surgeries, such as cardiosurgery, orthopedics, ERCPs.
  • Dual rear plates: the kidney lift structure can be accessed by double rear plates, with adjustable height of 0-105 mm.
  • Stable base in valley form: the solid and stable valley-shaped base is suitable for low-position MIS surgeries, such as plastic surgeries, neurosurgery and ophthalmic surgery.
  • Alternative pedal control: it provides more convenience and efficiency, especially in laparoscopy and endoscopic surgery.
  • Override Control: the back-up control panel in the column provides more security in power supply disruption.
  • Table height adjustment range of 500 mm: HFease600 is universally applicable, and especially suitable for neurosurgery, otolaryngology in the low height position of 600 mm.
  • Intuitive handle control: adjust the table height and positions, including the backplate, using the backlit keyboard.

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