When should a child radiant heater be used?

The usefulness of this equipment highlights in its 4 main functions of rescue and integral management in the newborn, is a unit that guarantees the effective flow of work, favors the immediate attention of medical personnel belonging to emergencies, in addition to reducing the time of rescue and immediate and detailed care of the newborn, radiant infant heaters, are primarily used in the delivery rooms, neonatal care, neonatal intensive care, areas of neonatal intensive therapy, and in the pre and postoperative care of the newborn.  

In addition, they are used in the first seconds of life of the newborn, during immediate care because it offers the newborn a thermoneutral environment in which the consumption of oxygen and its metabolism are reduced to the minimum, so that the calories and nutrients that it ingests are dedicated to the maturation, development and growth of its organism, necessary to survive.

When a child heater is to be used

This equipment undoubtedly allows to perform a comfortable and safe procedure in the therapy required by high-risk babies, have among their functions everything necessary for thermoregulation and respiratory assistance during resuscitation therapy, in addition, has a system designed to give immediate response to the most vulnerable patients, guaranteeing effective results avoiding mortality in early age.

The radiant infant heater is designed for the care of various procedures, both in maternity ward, clinical studies, intensive care rooms, neonatal, surgery, where immediate attention is required in newborns with risk factors such as apnea, high oxygen saturation, neurological problems and other factors related to diseases present during or prior to childbirth; allowing manual control and servo control, the thermal environment of the critically ill patient in an open environment, providing radiant heat.

Application of a child radiant heater

It is a widely applicable equipment in hospitals, clinics in order to optimize the services of premature births or with some pathology of the babies to term; thanks to its characteristics and functions it is highly used in the therapy of heating and resuscitation in cases of emergencies, it is used in the intensive care unit for babies who require it.  

Another application of this equipment is the case of premature or term babies with jaundice, it provides adequate preheating functions, servo-controlled temperature and skin temperature, which reduces care pressure of caregivers and increases the level of care of newborn patients. 

Characteristics of a radiant child heater brand Kalstein

There are a large number of medical equipment manufacturers required in the neonatal area of any hospital or clinic, however, it is essential to purchase a handheld equipment from the best, and that is Kalstein, we can offer you at a heater with the following characteristics: 

  • Pre-heating, manual control and baby skin temperature mode.
  • Servo-controlled microprocessor-based temperature system with far infrared heater.
  • The temperature deviation can be observed and corrected on the front panel for error measurement.
  • Self-test function for affirmative security.
  • The tilt of the moses can be adjusted.
  • Heater head can be adjusted horizontally between 0-90 °
  • Transparent folding protector.
  • Lower phototherapy units.
  • Fall protection function of the skin temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities.
  • Convenient tray for X-ray cassettes under the baby bed.
  • Note that the angle of light can be adjusted.
  • The large crib is suitable for operation.
  • 40% constant power heating function.
  • OFF timer.
  • Cylindrical chassis.
  • RS-232 connector

Optional Accessories for children’s radiant heater brand Kalstein

  • Oxygen therapy system unit, oxygen hood.
  • Suction unit.
  • Resuscitation bag.
  • Fixing the baby’s head.
  • Electrical height adjustment.
  • Phototherapy unit (LED light or OSRAM tubes)

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