Laminar Flow Hood, Clean Bench and Biosecurity Cabinet

The laminar flow bells are equipment created to maintain absolute control of the environment within the laboratory, when subjected to specific treatments of the air, allowing to create areas with strict control of suspended particles, and in this way, avoid any contamination both internal and external.

These work in medical research laboratories or microbiology, sampling, weighing areas; although they are also used in many scientific processes, from in vitro fertilization, to the performance of clinical analyzes or tissue culture. It is a key part of every laboratory, responsible for providing the user with safety and protection, creating air barriers, allowing it to flow at a constant speed in a single direction, thus eliminating turbulence, something also known as laminar air flow.

Types of Laminar Flow hood, and Biosecurity Cabinet a Laboratory May Need

Mini cabinet

Biological safety cabinets are equipment that function as ventilated enclosures manufactured to limit the risk of laboratory personnel exposed to infectious agents as much as possible. In other words, they must be used when it is necessary to work with certain microorganisms, cytotoxic products or products that cause allergic reactions. In terms of their design, they are quite similar to the vertical laminar luxury hoods, but they have the same HEPA filters in the air outlet that retain the contaminants present, thus allowing the protection of the product, the operator, and the environment.

Biological safety cabinets are intended to provide a work area that minimizes the chance that an airborne particle has to escape to the outside of the cabinet and thus contaminate the operator and the surrounding environment. In addition, some of them offer protection to the material being handled.

Class II Biosafety Cabinets

Biological safety cabinets are ventilated rooms designed to limit the risk of laboratory personnel exposed to infectious agents as much as possible. This is especially important considering that many of the operations carried out in a laboratory involve the formation of aerosols. The main objective of this equipment is to provide a work area that minimizes the probability that an airborne particle has to escape to the outside of the cabin and thus contaminate the operator and the area around him. In addition, some of them offer protection to the material that is handled.

When a biological safety cabinet is used by properly trained personnel aware of its limitations, it becomes a very effective containment equipment to reduce the possible escape of biological contamination. However, it is important to bear in mind that a cabin is never a substitute for a proper microbiological technique.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Laminar Flow hood, and Biosecurity Cabinet for your Laboratory

There are a myriad of models, so it's normal that you don't know which lab booths to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Biological Safety Cabinet YR05270-1

A biosafety booth, biosafety booth or microbiological safety booth is a closed and ventilated enclosure or ...


Class 100 Horizontal Air Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05726

The shell is welded by cold-rolled plates, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the work surface is SUS304...


Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2 YR0090-A

Air curtain isolation design to prevent cross contamination inside and outside, 30% of the airflow is discharged, 70% of the airflow...


Epoxy-Coated Steel Basic Chemical Laboratory Fume Hood YR05808

Upper side panel (1.2mm thcik galvanized steel plate. epoxy sprayed outside).Built in LED...


Our Best Selling Laminar Flow hood, and Biosecurity Cabinet

  • Front Panel
  • Liner and guide baffles 5mm thick anti melamine board
  • Window: 5mm thick tempered glass
  • Laboratory Dedicated PP cup
  • Built-in drain pipe
  • Lower Side Plate
  • Lower Back Plate
  • Built In Axial Fan, Air Collector and anti-corrosion hose
  • With wind Regulator
  • Upper side panel (1.2mm thcik galvanized steel plate. epoxy sprayed outside)

Analysis of the best Laminar Flow hood, and Biosecurity Cabinet in your Laboratory

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Guides to becoming an expert in

Laminar Flow Hood, and Biosecurity Cabinet

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Videos of Biosafety Cabinet in Operation

In this section you can find, our biosafety Hoods and extraction campaigns in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Biosafety Cabinet in operation

In professional practice and for many laboratory jobs, it is important to protect the product from pollution, whether from the environment or from personnel. When working with hazardous substances, it is necessary to protect the life of the operator, and to achieve this, laminar flow hoods are ideal, these allow to protect the product with which you are working. As well as biological safety, it preserves the product, the personnel and the environment.

These units work mainly in medical research or microbiology laboratories, sampling, heavy waste areas, a multitude of scientific processes, from in vitro fertilization, to clinical analysis or tissue culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Biosafety Hood and Cabinet

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