Microwave Digester

They are equipment that has a digestion system, which is used to mineralize the solid samples from which we want to obtain reliable information at elemental level, a spectroscopic technique is used, and requires that the sample to be examined is in liquid state, so if the requirements of the analyzes require preparing the sample for analysis of food, textiles, plastics, wastewater treatments, cosmetics and other applications, you need a microwave digester, and certainly the best and most reliable are the YR KALSTEIN series. 

Microwave digestion equipment is able to perform the complete process in multiple samples simultaneously in a reduced, fast and effective time; its usefulness goes beyond, also digest samples of varied nature and with different acid mixtures in a same cycle, to perform this procedure reagents are required, such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, the choice of one of them will depend on the sample with which you will work.


Types of Microwave Digester a Lab may need

Microwave digestion system YR04959 // YR04960

Special design sample digestion vessel Automatic ventilation and self-closing structure obtained by a national patent ensures that the vessels...


Microwave digestion system YR04957 // YR04958

Special design sample digestion vessel. The automatic ventilation and self-closing structure obtained by a national patent ensures that the containers...


Microwave digestion system YR04953 // YR04956

YR04953 // The YR04956 series is a new microwave digestion system designed. Unlike the previous series of models, it has a new design and is completely ...


Our Best Selling Microwave Digester

Since the microwave digester is a procedure for the preparation of samples, it works as follows: the sample is heated in transparent and closed glasses together with the acids necessary for the test, under a temperature for this process between 220-240ยบC depending on the sample. These devices generate electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of 2450 MHz. The molecular movement of the radiated material causes it to heat up. Radiation penetrates glass, ceramic and plastic materials, while metals reflect this wavelength.

Microwaves are equipped with a unique reaction chamber, where you have full control of the conditions in which digestion is being generated, allowing all samples to be in a common space; In addition the amount of sample and acid required are smaller, saving time and resources to the laboratory, working with smaller volumes.


Guides to Becoming a Microwave Digester Expert

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Microwave Digester to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

What is a Microwave Digester?

These are equipment that have a digestion system, which are used to mineralize the solid samples of which...

 How Does It Work? a Digester 

This equipment ensures the preparation of the samples for elemental analysis in analytical chemistry, performs a ...

What is a Microwave used for?

The applications of this equipment are wide in different areas, generally used to mineralize solid samples from which ...

Microwave digester: in which scientific sectors is it used?

The use of this equipment for different scientific processes was proven thanks to scientific researchers in the areas of chemistry and engineering, where the use of microwaves for NTK analysis and oxygen demand was validated, due to the effective temperature system that these processes require...

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