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Water purification systems are essential equipment in any home or work space, if it is believed that the water being used has come into contact with pollutants. These systems allow, as their name says, to purify this vital liquid, by eliminating pathogens or chemical elements that can be harmful to humans.

In our homes, water can have different uses, either for direct consumption or cooking, in both cases, it is of the utmost importance that the water is of good quality, since consuming contaminated water can cause a variety of diseases. Therefore, water purifiers are a very useful option, both in homes and in laboratories.

Types of Water Purification Systems a Laboratory may need

Water Purification System YR60-1

YR Water Purification system can produce CAP/CLSI Type I reagent water for clinical analyzer. It...


Water Purification System YR54 / YR54-3

YR Water Purification System is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultra-pure water...


Water Purification System YR55 / YR55-3

YR Water Purification system is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultrapure water in a single unit...


Water Purification Systems YR56 / YR56-1

Ultra-pure water from purified water
The purified water quality required as feed water
Tap water subjected to ion exchange...


Our Best Selling Water Purification Systems

  • Water level sensor combined with bottom pump enables 5-level automatic water production controls
  • Capacity of water reservoir includes 30L and 60L. Moreover, ultra big 350L water reservoir is available for special needs
  • The water reservoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding process to avoid the generation of velum
  • PE material ensure low extractives
  • Overflow protection tube eliminates the risk of flooding
  • Cone shape bottom guarantees no stagnant water and facilitates easy clean
  • Optional UV lamp and vented filter maintain consistent purity of stored water and provide effective protection against airborne contaminants

Analysis of the best Water Purification Systems for your Laboratory

Processes for water purification

At present there are several equipment for the treatment and filtration of water. The choice of the most ...


What is a laboratory water deionizer?

A water deionizer is a water purification equipment, with direct connection to the network and continuous flow...


What is an ultra water purifier?  

It is a laboratory water ultra-purification equipment. This device is structured by cutting-edge ...


  How can laboratory water quality problems be avoided?

Water is a vital element for human life and is therefore essential to maintain a good quality of life; in the workplace...


Water Purification Systems model catalog on sale


Guides to becoming an expert in Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert..

How is the filter change in the water purification system?

Water production and maintenance of a water purification system should be simple processes. However, if proper maintenance...

How to select your ideal water purification system

Water purification systems are essential equipment in any home or work space, if it is believed that the water being....

Laboratory deionization systems: How does it work?

A water deionizing system is a water purification equipment used in laboratories, with direct connection to the...

Reverse osmosis and water purification

The purification of drinking water consists of a series of steps to which the water is subjected to eliminate waste (solid and mineral) and microorganisms from it in order to obtain water of greater purity and better quality for the consumer..

Videos of Water Purification Systems in operation

In this section you can find, our Water Purification Systems in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Water Purification Systems in operation

Water is one of the most precious and vital riches for humanity, to the point that it is primary for life. But, despite this, it can also contain and transport microorganisms and bacteria that can potentially cause serious health problems (including high mortality rates in the developing world). Fortunately, today there are solutions to clean water from impurities, such as water purifiers.

The water purification process is based on the elimination and reduction of pollutants, such as chemicals, minerals, solids and bacteria, that may be contained in the water.

That is why some water purifiers can remove even tasteless, odorless gases, such as arsenic, from water.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Purification Systems

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