Rotary Evaporator

A Rotary Evaporator is a laboratory equipment, applied in the chemical sector, capable of separating or rescuing substances at very low pressures, to extract from them the various elements that compose it, through distillation processes, and to be able to separate the components from each other.

This equipment, is generally used in the pharmaceutical industry and in chemical laboratories, for the effective and smooth removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. They are also used in molecular cooking for the preparation of distillates and extracts. Its function, which is basic and common in the chemistry laboratory, allows to dissolve volatile organic elements, coming from a reaction mixture or a process such as liquid-liquid extraction. Although this operation, in principle, could be done by simple distillation, the fastest and most convenient method, is the use of a Rotaevaporator for distillation at reduced pressure.


Types of Rotary Evaporator that a Laboratory may need

Rotary Evaporator YR02307 // YR02310

The large capacity, wide aperture flask provides a larger evaporation surface. The evaporative flask continues to spin when constantly heated by a water bath, and the solvent evaporates more efficiently under vacuum conditions. Can be used for...


Rotary Evaporator YR02306

It is suitable for evaporation, distillation or chemical separation experiments. It usually works with a water circulation vacuum pump and recirculation cooler as a complete system to meet experimental and production requirements...


Our best-selling Rotavaporator

The rotary evaporator is designed to achieve maximum distillation efficiency with an excellent level of safety, because it agrees to operate at low temperatures, clarity that reaches due to its ability to work, with adequate levels of vacuum, achieved with state-of-the-art seals and a condenser of great efficiency on its condensing surface.

In addition, it allows a flexible use adapted to the needs of the user with a variety of tasks, through the principle of automated operation and control of pre-programmed processes.

Rotavapor is an instrument that facilitates distillation; through the distillation flask it attaches to the evaporator tube that carries the solvent vapors into a coil-like coolant, once the vapors condense, the solvent is collected in the second flask, which serves as a collector; the rotary evaporator has a function that prevents the solvent from jumping violently while the vacuum is applied, called a rotary motor, this same procedure allows the inside liquid to moisten the surface of the flask and facilitates evaporation in a controlled manner.

Analysis of the best Rotary Evaporator for your Laboratory

What is the usefulness of a Rotavaporator in a Laboratory?

A Rotavaporador is an equipment that in general has different uses in laboratories and other areas of application...

What is a Rotary Evaporator for?

The rotary evaporator or rotary evaporator, is a device that is designed to separate different solvents from...

  What is a Rotary Evaporator?

The rotary evaporator, commonly called rotary evaporator, is a equipment used in organic chemical laboratories, and indispensable for the efficient and smooth removal...

Chemical laboratories and Rotary Evaporators

In chemistry laboratories, it is very common that reactions, experiments, chemical or even biological...

Catalog of models of Rotavaporators on offer


Guides for you to become an expert in Rotary Evaporator

Rotavaporators are essential products in a Laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that is responsible for the study of the structure, properties, synthesis...

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A wide variety of examinations, experiments and endless chemical, medical and biological procedures are...

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It is a necessary equipment to separate a solvent from asample, through distillation, and then recondense...

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Rotary Evaporator?

Rotary evaporator is a laboratory equipment, applied in the chemical sector, capable of separating or rescuing substances at very low pressures, to extract from them the various elements that compose it, through distillation processes, and to be able to separate the components from each other...

Process of using a Rotary Evaporator

In chemistry laboratories, it is very common that reactions, experiments, chemical or even biological procedures are carried out continuously, so it is necessary to have at hand specialized equipment that facilitate the tasks to be performed daily, one of these instruments is known as rotary evaporator or rotary evaporator, widely used both in chemistry laboratories, as in the pharmaceutical industry or in the hospital sector.

A Rotary Evaporator is a device designed to remove organic or aqueous solvents from chemical samples through evaporation. This instrument has certain characteristics that make it an attractive and indispensable element in any laboratory, for example: it allows to control the temperature at which the sample is stored, solutes can be separated, aromas can be extracted and also, separate solvents that have a low boiling point.


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