The transilluminator for gels basically works by emitting ultraviolet (UV) or blue light. DNA or protein samples, which are normally invisible to the naked eye, are stained with a fluorescent dye that absorbs the light emitted by the transilluminator. When light passes through the samples, it causes the fluorescent dyes to emit light at a different wavelength, which makes the DNA or protein bands visible.

UV light has been commonly used because of its effectiveness. However, it has its disadvantage: it can damage DNA samples. On the other hand, blue light is considered a safer alternative that not only protects the samples, but is also less harmful to human eyes.


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Portable UV Transilluminator YR06032

Small size, simple operation.
Two kinds of UV wavelength, observe applicable to different gel...


UV Transilluminator YR06030

The high transparent UV protective screen, can be opened to any angle, safe operation, convenient. Using the UV filter glass...


UV Transilluminator YR06031

No need for darkroom, can be use for all-weather.With the operation of export for cuting the gel...


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A transilluminator consists of an ultraviolet light source that illuminates the gel from below. The gels, typically agarose or acrylamide, contain DNA or RNA fragments stained with a fluorescent dye. When these gels are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, the fluorescent dyes are excited and emit light at a different wavelength, usually in the visible range. This fluorescence effect produces bright bands representing DNA or RNA fragments, which can be visualized and photographed for further analysis. 

  • The high transparent UV protective screen, can be opened to any angle, safe operation, convenient.
  • Using the UV filter glass, quartz ultraviolet lamp, long service life, light uniform.

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