Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

Phototherapy is a procedure that is applied to newborns who have jaundice, where their condition changes yellowish color in the skin and eyes of babies, it is due to excess bilirubin in the blood. Usually, it leaves the body through bowel movements. This happens because the baby's system breaks down the blood cells but does not eliminate bilirubin. 
This technique is based on the ability of light to act at the level of the skin on bilirubin. This results in a photochemical excitation phase where bilirubin is transformed into other non-toxic (water-soluble) products when light is taken up by the skin, making them more easily excreted. Phototherapy is the treatment of choice for neonates with unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia; early initiation of this therapy decreases the likelihood of resorting to exchange transfusion, a more aggressive technique that can lead to major complications.

Types of Childhood Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit that the Medical Sector may need

Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit YR02195

This model has 4 suction cup legs to be fixed in an incubator, LED as radiant elements of phototherapy...


Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit YR02194

The newborn patients with hyperbilirubinemia all need best care for threating jaundice. Our line of phototherapy products ...


Our Best Selling Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

A childhood bilirubin phototherapy unit is a constituted medical instrument  usually 4 tubes of blue light and 2 tubes of white light, and a covering or shield that protects the newborn in case of rupture of the tubes and ultraviolet light. The blue ones are placed in the center and the white ones on the sides. These phototherapy lamps currently consist of fluorescent and LED bulbs used for neonatal treatment.
Use of a phototherapy unit decreases bilirubin levels in capillaries and the interstitial space, transforming bilirubin into water-soluble isomers that can be eliminated unconjugated in the liver via urine and feces.

Analysis of the best Childhood Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit for the Medical Sector

When is phototherapy necessary?

Phototherapy is a technique where the effect of light (electromagnetic radiation) is used to treat neonatal jaundice...


How long does phototherapy last?

Phototherapy is a technique used in medicine to treat neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia, i.e. to reduce bilirubin levels...


What is the purpose of phototherapy?

Phototherapy is a therapeutic methodology in which electromagnetic radiation (light) is used, with the aim ...


How is phototherapy measured?

Phototherapy, is the treatment used to decrease bilirubin levels in neonates, based on photo degradation...


Guides to Becoming an Expert in Child Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

Childhood Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert

What is jaundice? How is it treated?

Jaundice is the yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the accumulation or deposition of...

Types of light for Infant Phototherapy

Phototherapy is a therapeutic measure used in specialties of medicine such as pediatrics and neonatology...

Phototherapy: can it bring complications?

Although infant phototherapy treatment is the recommended solution when newborns present a severe jaundice...

How effective can a phototherapy unit be for the skin?

Phototherapy is a dermatological technique and also used in other areas of medicine, where ultraviolet light (UV) radiation is used for the treatment of skin or skin diseases. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory action, it possesses UV radiation, allowing the treatment of...

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