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Hematological reagents are chemical substances used in the diagnosis of different hematological diseases. These reagents are used to detect white blood cell, red blood cell and platelet counts, as well as the presence of certain antibodies. They are also used to detect the presence of abnormal hemoglobin, determine the serum iron level, and examine the morphology of white and red blood cells. It is important to note that hematological reagents have a high sensitivity, which means that the results can be reliable.

One of the most common hematology reagents is the hemogram test. This test determines the number of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets in a blood sample. The cells are evaluated in a blood cell counter to determine the number of leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets. This test is used to detect infections, anemia, immune system imbalances and to diagnose blood cancer.

Types of Reagents and Consumables that a Laboratory may need


Histology is a versatile scientific study that examines the microanatomy of cells and tissues. Sectioning and staining of tissues can provide vivid images of specimens, allowing researchers to understand the biological processes of a tissue or cell. Applications of histology include:

Aids in disease diagnosis.
Medical innovations and discoveries.
Education and research (e.g., archaeology).
Forensic analysis In all of these fields, fast and reliable access to consumables is necessary to prepare specimens and perform a histological report efficiently. In many cases, laboratory protocols require a large number of samples to be analyzed, so it is essential to optimize methods to save time and resources.


In the field of hematology, the advanced Hematology, famous as HA, has achieved considerable influence in the counting of blood cells, erythrocytes, platelets and metabolites. This is a technique used by hematologists, scientists and other professionals to observe, analyze and manage various health problems in relation to globose formation, erythrocytes and platelets.

Advantages gained by specialists using advanced hematology reagents

Hematology is now used to identify and correct hematological problems related to the immune system, blood disease and other blood health conditions; HA reagents play an important role in the diagnosis of these ailments.

Advanced hematology (AH) has become an essential branch of disease diagnostics because it helps physicians determine the cause of symptoms and treat the disease correctly.


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There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know what Reagents and Consumables to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

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Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the content of other substances, the distribution ...


Hematology Reagents Package YRA17-1

Hematology reagents are indispensable in the use of hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents include hemolytic agents, diluents, cleaning solutions ..


Histopathology Accessories and Consumables YRA18 // YRA44

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to wax and bulk reagents, smooth...


Our Best Selling Reagents and Consumables

Hematological reagents are indispensable in the use of the hematology analyzer. Hematological reagents include hemolytic agents, diluents, cleaning solutions and concentrated cleaning solutions. Among them, hemolytic agent is used to destroy red blood cells, ensure white blood cell count, perform red blood cell sorting and HGB detection; diluent is used to maintain the volume and shape of cells, and form a conductive environment; cleaning solution and concentrated cleaning solution are used for the maintenance of tubing, needles and counting and maintenance pools.

Kalstein offers a full range of hematology reagents such as diluent, lysing reagents and cleaners for most hematology analyzers on the market, including 3-part differential and 5-part differential models.

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