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A pediatric monitor or also called an infant monitor is a medical and electronic device that collects, displays and stores all the vital signs of the pediatric patient.  This equipment continuously detects, processes and displays the patient's physiological parameters such as: respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse. 

This is achieved in the case of heart rate by amplifying the electrical potentials of the heart, in the case of respiratory rate by amplifying the respiratory movements of the thorax, and the blood pressure and oxygen saturation will depend on the intensity of the pulse. This equipment is equipped with a series of alarms that alert the medical staff in case of an unfavorable situation or outside the desired limits.


At Kalstein you will find the ideal patient and child monitor for your laboratory


Patient monitor YR02178

Allows monitoring of adults, children and newborns; Slim body with concealed handle, easy to move; Visual and audible alarm...


Patient monitors YR02176

8.4-inch touchscreen; built-in handle; module-ready; 1.6 kg weight; 5-hour battery life; fanless design.


Ultrasound Fetal YR02181

Large 10.2" TFT color display, digital display and waveform oscilloscope of heart rate value (HRF) and blood pressure...


Fetal Doppler Monitor YR02180

7" TFT screen; digital display and oscilloscope of twin heart rate (HRF) waveform, contraction pressure value


Our best selling patient monitor and child monitor

  • Critical Care Monitor.
  • High-brightness 15-inch touchscreen; eye-catching three-color alarm light; hidden buttons; built-in lithium battery.
  • With the rapid development of medical technology, monitors have been widely used in various clinical departments for real-time monitoring of patients' vital signs, especially in the intensive care unit, which helps medical staff to review the patient's condition and resolve emergencies in time.
  • The intensive care unit is different from the general ward. The diversity of patient illnesses and unpredictable changes in their condition place stringent demands on the monitoring system. The ICU monitor must accurately capture subtle changes in the patient's vital signs and provide real-time feedback to medical staff. At the same time, in a complex service environment, it provides patients with long-term continuous monitoring and real-time attention to various physiological parameters.

Analysis of the patient monitor and child monitor for your laboratory

How to explain a patient monitor?

The Patient Monitor is a multi-functional instrument designed to monitor the functional vital signs of adult and pediatric patients. It is found in hospitals and clinics and should only be operated by trained personnel. The equipment is designed to...


How vital signs are controlled by a patient monitor?

Through the control and management of vital signs, the objective is to obtain information on the physiological state of the patient, by means of a monitor, which reflects the values of each sign, these being captured by sensors or electrodes installed in specific...


How the monitoring of patients in intensive care?

The monitoring of vital parameters is a very important factor in the strict evaluation of the patient's clinical condition in intensive care units, thanks to medical equipment such as the patient monitor, which allows the detection, treatment and follow-up of vital parameters.....


Patient monitors: how to use them?

These workstations are part of the indispensable medical equipment in clinical centers. A patient monitor is a device that, in combination with a system consisting of different parameters, allows for the permanent monitoring and storage of the...


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Guides to becoming an expert in patient and child monitoring.

Care and maintenance of a patient engine?

Preventive maintenance of patient monitors reduces risk and increases the useful life of the equipment, among a long list of useful procedures that decrease the likelihood of potential failures. It is advisable to perform it based on the recommendations of the equipment's factory, as well as expert advice and any actions taken on similar assets.

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