What is a colorimeter?

A colorimeter is a device used to measure and analyze colors. Currently, thanks to technological development, there are models of this equipment designed for very specific uses and applications, among which we can mention the transmission colorimeters that allow to determine the concentration of a chemical component, as well as some models of colorimeters are also able to analyze the color of opaque products such as plastics, paints, metals, ceramics, among others, while other colorimeters are used to adjust light sources or calibrate monitors.

In other words, a colorimeter is a device of an electronic nature that allows the identification of colors and their hues, providing precise and objective measurements of the colors being analyzed, and thus offering an accurate measurement of the intensity and hue of the color. Colorimeters generally have a light source and one or more filters in their structure. The light source emits light at a wavelength and then passes through a filter before impacting the object being measured.

Characteristics of a colorimeter

A colorimeter is a device that provides a numeric value to the color and works by determining the intensity and shades of a color. Although there are several colorimeter models, they all have the same fundamental characteristics for calculating color hue. Among its main features we find: all models offer very precise results on the intensity and hue of the color, in all models or versions of this instrument you can find a lamp that projects a ray of light on a particular object (lighting required).

Another important feature of colorimeters is that in order to have a proper functioning, it is key that the sample you want to place in it is well placed, this instrument also has the quality of collecting measurements of a color and making comparisons with other measures collected. This quality is very useful at the industry level, especially in those where identical products are mass produced or where parts are produced which will subsequently be combined with other chromatically identical parts.

How does a colorimeter work?

The operation of a colorimeter is based on the fact that through a light sample, either by reflection or by emission, the value of the color is determined taking into account a standard illumination. That is, this instrument has the ability to quantify the color and compare it with another, the result that is produced as a numeric value assigned to the color, allows the color to be classified appropriately in the color scale.

In a common way the colorimeters have the property of measuring the color in function of three variables that allow the complete and accurate measurement of the color. These variables are known as chromaticity coordinates or tristimulus values. This equipment works by determining the color based on the red, blue and green components of the light absorbed by the sample object or the amount received by the human eye. When light enters the object, some of the light is absorbed, resulting in a decrease in the amount of light reflected by the object. These colorimeters properties allow it to be used in color classification, color calibration of printers, absorbance tests, correction and error elimination on monitors and screens, characterization of polymers based on their color, and chemical concentration tests.

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