What is a spectrocolorimeter?

A spectrocolorimeter is a device used to measure and analyze colors much more deeply than a colorimeter. Specifically, this equipment allows a more complex and complete color analysis of the samples, from which the spectral reflectance can be determined at each wavelength, offering a much greater accuracy and a much wider range of applications than those offered by a colorimeter.

These devices have great applicability in the work of professionals with specific and advanced requirements in terms of color control, since they are specially designed to support those analyzes where the highest accuracy and color management is required.

Characteristics of a spectrocolorimeter

A spectrocolorimeter works similarly to a colorimeter, except for its main difference, which is the use of filters. Instead of using three filters to determine color values as a colorimeter, the latest spectrocolorimeters can have up to 31 filters to measure the full color spectrum. These filters measure the light at each of the 31 different wavelengths to determine the color of the sample.

A spectrocolorimeter provides wavelength-by-wavelength spectral analysis of the reflectance, absorbance or transmittance properties of a sample, providing very accurate data. They can also be used to calculate psychophysical colorimetric information.

How does a spectrocolorimeter work?

A spectrochlorometer consists basically of an input slit, two collimating spherical mirrors, a diffraction grid and a detector. This equipment works as follows: the light emitted by the light source enters an optical fiber so that it is efficiently transmitted to the spectrometer.

Then in the spectrometer, the divergent light emerging from the fiber optic passes through an input slit and is collimated by a spherical mirror, to be later diffracted by a diffraction grid and the resulting diffracted light is focused by a second mirror. A spectrum image is projected in a linear CCD array and the data obtained is transported to a computer via a converter.

Benefits of spectrocolorimeters

  • They are extremely complete teams. They feature advanced hardware that allows you to measure features that a simple colorimeter cannot, such as metamerism and reflectance.
  • They’re versatile devices. They can commonly adjust lighting and observer settings to get the right options on a spectrocolorimeter.
  • These computers work with sophisticated software. By integrating with the software, spectrocolorimeters provide a new and comprehensive way to review and analyze data outside of an integrated display.
  • We find them in a variety of models and presentations, both desktop and notebook.

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