Care and maintenance of an electrocardiograph

An electrocardiograph is a medical device that analyzes the electrical mechanisms of the heart over a period of time. It works in conjunction with electrodes placed on the patient's chest and limbs to detect electrical changes. This medical equipment, like any other equipment, must have regular maintenance to prolong the use of the machine, therefore, must comply with certain standards of care. Therefore, a team must be inspected, maintained or verified to reduce the risk of harm to patients, operators or visitors, as well as lowers the costs of operating the equipment and service improvements.

Recommendations for Caring for the Electrocardiograph

This type of equipment meets specific characteristics, both internal and external, which must be handled and maintained with great care so that it does not suffer irreparable damage, and that is why the following recommendations are shared:
  • Keep electrodes clean and away from rust. To do this, use saline solution.
  • Avoid the force of traction or twist of the cables that communicates the signals to the equipment.
  • In the event that the equipment is wireless, it should be kept charged to avoid malfunctions.
  • Keep equipment in cool places.
  • Do not expose the equipment near water containers.
  • Keep the machine covered with a protective liner.
  • Comply with internal technical revisions of the equipment, to replace parts if required.
  • Make sure the internal machine is dry to avoid causing a short circuit due to moisture or dust.
Damage caused by poor maintenance can be more costly than the investment itself, as it carries unexpected costs. Assessing the availability and variety of maintenance operations is one way to get a more economical indication of managing the east. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to maintain the equipment in total care, so that its functions do not affect patient outcomes and do not prejudice the work of the medical professional.

Technical Development in Electrocardiograph Maintenance

Often, the equipment presents failures in use, and these failures must have a timely review by professional technical hands, which are:
  • Within the mechanisms of the equipment, is the lmV scale voltage, which must be revised accurately, together with the helical spring and potentiometer.
  • Verify that the calibration is normal and the battery is not faulty.
  • Protect the amplifier, so that the power supply does not deteriorate.
  • Review the indicator's associated circuit, and replace it if necessary.
All of the above, must be subject to the operational knowledge of the equipment and correct use of its functions according to the factory manual. On the other hand, certain criteria have to be applied in terms of the type of preventive maintenance of electrocardiographs, from frequent monitoring to discover changes in time and give solution before any failure occurs. Also, adjustments should be made, taking into account that the equipment is worn out by daily use, and includes tasks of cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, checking and replacement of faulty components, which could affect. Finally, it should be taken into account, to perform the maintenance of the equipment while it is being used, usually it is not planned, because when it is done accurately, from the first time it is done, it will avoid later problems.

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