Care and maintenance of an optical surgical navigator?

In the development of new medical technologies, which facilitate the process of clinical routine, the use of optical surgical browsers, becomes the standard of many current procedures, in which it is beneficial for patients and can be useful for the optimization of training programs, allowing a present and personalized training of new surgeons, specifically, video images can be used for assessment of skills based on objective rhythms centered on tool movements and changes in anatomical structures, for the advantage of a background map associated with surgical action, and the intraoperative recording of video with specific virtual models of the patient (image-to-reality record) to guide surgeons during the procedure.

Therefore, the use of these guided imaging systems for surgery, play a fundamental role in society, not only for the procedure of various health difficulties, but also for their prevention. In that regard, due care and maintenance should be a priority for health care providers.

Importance of performing Optical Surgical Navigator maintenance

For medical units, the control and maintenance of browsers is of great importance, since with them they achieve optimal results to operate properly patients. The management of medical equipment is based on safe operation; the maximum functionality they provide and precision allow health care to provide impeccable work in support for medical professionals. The various equipment are generally subjected to maintenance aimed at preventing risks or failures in its operation, since these devices must be in the best condition for the important work they perform for their patients.

Therefore, the maintenance plays a fundamental role for the prevention of adverse events, in such sense that, this type of operating process has become a mechanism to guarantee the safety of users.ย 

It should also be borne in mind that not having the anticipated care and maintenance of the optical surgical browsers, may present inconveniences in the diagnosis of them, giving defective results. Ideally, risks should be minimized so that the patient is not affected.ย 

Benefits for the Care of Optical Surgical Browsers

It is important to maintain the daily care of the medical equipment, since it will increase the useful life of the same, in addition to avoiding irreversible damage, failures in the functionality or a serious deterioration, it is advisable to perform a cleaning, and adjustments at the appropriate time that prevent the bad condition of the devices, the fact that they are kept adjusted and calibrated will help to avoid deterioration in the performance and operation.

Also, failure to perform timely maintenance can result in losses due to the implications of changing parts or complex arrangements. The main idea is that these teams meet the expectations necessary for doctors to perform impeccable work in the operating field. Therefore, the following actions are recommended:

    • Firstly, perform the appropriate detailed inspection visually, using measuring tools with optimal components that check the operating state, its characteristics and technical conditions.
    • Perform operational tests, which must follow the manufacturing protocol to verify efficiency and not make mistakes.
  • Reduce wear on different parts of browsers, by lubricating.
  • Perform performance tests to determine whether the job is appropriate for performance and safety.ย 

According to the above, it is the reflection of the progressive recovery of the equipment, in order to restore the parameters of the operation of the optical surgical browsers, where the technical administrative activities that must guarantee the tools, instruments, spare parts and accessories are evaluated.

Optical Surgical Navigator brand Kalstein

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