Characteristics of Safety Cabinets for the Nuclear Sector

Safety cabinets for the nuclear sector are designed to work with radioactive sources and are shielded for the storage of substances containing nuclear energy, known as radioisotopes. Through the use of cabinets, nuclear power plants require specific equipment to ensure adequate safety and radiation protection for both personnel and material and/or environmental means.

Therefore, the proper functioning and safety provided by the security cabinets is paramount for the proper handling of nuclear substances, and for this, the staff must have knowledge of the organizational structure in the use of the cabinets, since their continued use benefits the operators, whose achievement contributes to the safety standards.

Importance of Cabinets for the Nuclear Sector

The nuclear power plant should maintain a state of technological safety through registration and monitoring, which should fulfill basic safety performance such as energy control, nuclear fuel cooling and containment of radioactive material. By incorporating safety cabinets in the protection of radioactive material, it is of great importance because it provides security to the environment, avoiding risks and adhering to management guidelines that minimize the risk of its use.

These safety cabinets take for granted an absolute priority in all aspects, promoting a rigorous and prudent approach to all activities related to technological safety, since all means must conform to the type of waste that is being generated within the facilities, and this will help to understand more deeply the risks and ultimately increase the necessary safety. The significant volumes of nuclear and radioactive materials for storage should also be taken into account to improve physical protection in a preventive manner.

Benefits and Features

Security cabinets are the most used devices in the nuclear sector, they provide a number of advantages and unique features that make them a well differentiated option from the rest. In general, these are its benefits:

  • Continuity: Ensure a smooth, reliable and continuous level of availability.
  • Monitoring: allows storage systems to be located and eliminates the need to deploy unnecessary spaces to guard against radioisotope materials.
  • Fire risk reduction: because of its fire-resistant structure, it minimizes the risk of fire or explosion, as it is very unlikely to overheat.
  • Safety: reduces the level of danger in case of direct human contact with the parts under stress and which are uncovered.

Safety equipment for handling radioactive materials and waste can generally be divided according to the radionuclides used. Periodic reviews of leakage detection and contamination determination should be established.

They are also made with materials and safety systems, equipped with stainless steel furniture with perimeter flange and gas extractor cabinets to work with beta and gamma emitters. They are armored cabinets for the storage of radioactive sources and air handling unit independent of the rest of the building. They are lead-coated and allow to be placed side by side without the need for large spaces.

Finally, the range of cabinets consists of modular designs that can be used to create a seamless desk and workstation with a single stainless steel working area.

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