What type of wheelchair is used for sports?

Practicing sports does not have to be a limitation for people with disabilities, since, as in the case of wheelchairs for the daily, there are also special wheelchairs for users who want to do some sport, either professionally or as a hobby. It is very important to choose a wheelchair suitable for the sport that will be performed, since each comes with a special design that fits each discipline.

Every sport that exists is different, so a single type of sports wheelchair could not work for all of them. Among the factors that must be taken into account when choosing one are: the speed you can achieve, stability, maneuverability and whether it is adapted for the interior or exterior, among other characteristics. Here are the types of sports chairs along with their characteristics.

Sports wheelchairs

Just as the conventional tennis player needs specific shoes for different surfaces, or a football player needs tennis to run on the field or on the floor, an athlete with motor disability needs a specific wheelchair for each discipline, these are known as sports chairs and come in different models to meet the user’s needs.

Sports wheelchairs are nothing more than wheelchairs with sporting features and accessories that allow the user to practice a specific sport. These teams are complex in terms of technology and design, in addition to adapting to each discipline, and are customizable to meet the needs of each person. They are generally made of aluminum or titanium and are relatively lightweight. Knowing the different types of sports wheelchairs that exist in the market is vital if you consider practicing any sport.

Types of sports wheelchairs

Like everyday wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs are created to meet the user’s needs and the type of disability they possess, are fully customizable in terms of measurements and accessories, and are completely safe to avoid any accident. The following list shows the different types of sports wheelchairs that exist on the market:

  • Basketball chair: must have a diameter of 68 cm, in addition to this must have these two features, a rollover system, since players are exposed to possible falls, and a rigid frame to resist the shocks of other chairs.
  • Tennis wheelchair: should be light, stable and ensure speed when making turns. Many of these also have adjustment belts, similar to snowboards, so that the player feels more comfortable and can move more easily.
  • Handbike or wheelchair for cycling: it is characterized by having 3 wheels and being handled with the hands. In addition to being used in this sport, they are also useful if you want to exercise the upper muscles. They must be light and extremely resistant. There are several models, for mountain, for walking and for competition.

Chairs for other sports

The sports mentioned above are those that cover the greatest number of athletes, however, these are not the only disciplines where they are used. For example, in fencing, one of the first Paralympic sports, special wheelchairs that are sealed to the ground are used to give the user greater ability to move in the upper limbs and trunk.

Another example is table tennis, which needs a specialized wheelchair for Paralympic players, which is characterized by having two large wheels and a small one. They should also have a 15 cm pillow and should not have any belt that holds the user above the knees. Whatever the sport, every sporty wheelchair must provide safety and stability so that the user can move freely.

Sports chairs brand Kalstein

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