What are the advantages of using wheelchairs?

The wheelchair is a technical instrument used by all those who have motor disabilities related to the loss of locomotion, or who have reduced mobility, either as a result of injuries, psychological illness, or physical illness such as paraplegia or quadriplegia, among others. Because this equipment is made of lightweight and resistant materials, the user can fold, lift and store it.

The wheelchair is designed with the purpose of enabling a safe transfer to people with locomotion problems. This chair has good resistance, has about three wheels, or four if it is a classic model; has a size of 60 cm for the rear wheels and 20 cm for the front wheels; and also has a great adaptability, since, each person can adjust the position and size of the seat and backrest. On the other hand, it also allows to accommodate the height of the armrest and the footrests of the chair, making it can be used in various situations of everyday life.

Depending on the type of patient and their degree of disability, there are different types of wheelchairs: the manual ones, which are driven by the same patient with the help of the strength of his arms or with the help of an assistant; and the electric or motor wheelchairs, this type of wheelchair helps the patient move without the need to make effort with his arms, since, this has an electric control that is controlled by the patient’s hand.

Advantages of wheelchairs

The wheelchair is a movement equipment that has wheels and an adaptive seat that allows a comfortable and suitable position for the patient who will handle it manually or by means of an electronic system. This assistive device allows a person who has difficulty walking, either due to physical or physiological diseases, to have a better quality of life and autonomy.

The wheelchair allows a person who has little mobility, can face the various difficulties in their daily life, thus making it a tool of great advantage that adapts to the needs of each person. The wheelchair can be manual, electric, standing, stair-climbing, for patients with cerebral palsy and many more with various functions. The main advantages of the wheelchair are the following:

  • Allows user autonomy.
  • Ease of use.
  • They are easy to transport.
  • They are resistant.
  • Simple mechanisms.
  • They provide comfort.
  • They are suitable for all types of surface.


The wheelchair is a kind of individual vehicle that makes possible the movement of a person who temporarily or permanently lost the ability to walk by himself, so that, helps them have autonomy and integrate socially. This instrument allows to improve the action of activities limited by disability or deficiency in the locomotor apparatus.

On the other hand, for each patient it is very important to have in their possession a wheelchair either manual or electric, depending on the situation and need in which they are. Due to the long time that the user remains seated in this instrument, it must be adaptable and personalized to the body, to prevent muscular and skeletal tensions. In addition to this, it should provide comfort when sitting down, and allow activities to be performed more efficiently.

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