Is a power supply important for an electrophoresis camera?

A power supply for electrophoresis, is a device whose purpose is to supply direct and constant current to an electrophoresis system, must have a voltage control to manage the supply of current entering the system. That is, these sources provide the electrical current needed for the electrophoresis process to occur properly.

The operation of an electrophoresis source is based on the conversion of alternating current that provides the electricity supply, in direct current, so the system distributes the current to the necessary devices. Electrophoresis sources should work excellently to avoid spikes that could affect the reaction. As noted, such equipment is required in any laboratory performing this procedure.

Importance and applications of an electrophoresis source

Electrophoresis, a technique used in many biology laboratories, relies on the running of molecules from a sample through a gel or porous matrix (for example, cellulose acetate). By applying electric current from the source, the molecules separate in relation to their molecular weights and sizes. This is where the importance of having an electrophoresis source lies, without the input of electrical current needed to move the molecules, the reaction could not occur.

The power of this technique, together with the sources of electrophoresis, allows it to be used in fields of biology and medicine, where it is sought to separate strands of DNA and RNA to subsequently evaluate the proteins that compose it and identify if there is any anomaly in them. Faults in an electrophoresis source would cause this technique to not be carried out, for this reason, before installing the system, you must ensure that it works correctly and has sufficient electrical capacity.

Characteristics of an Electrophoresis Source

As mentioned above, power supplies are essential equipment if electrophoresis is to be performed, so they must have specific characteristics that allow them to function properly. These features are related to the computerโ€™s own capacity, and are as follows:

  • Voltage: Before purchasing a power supply you must verify that the voltage that the equipment is capable of providing is adequate for the electrophoresis you will perform. Inadequate voltage may affect the result.
  • Current: This refers to the amount of current that the equipment can offer, as with voltage, cannot be exceeded because it harms the reaction.
  • Power: Combines the voltage and current of the equipment. Before you purchase a font, you can check whether it is a dual-rank or a multi-rank font. Some computers allow this aspect to be regulated.

Handling of a power supply for electrophoresis

The first thing to do is to set the electric field between the electrodes, this is achieved by connecting the power supply to the system camera. Then the samples to be evaluated are loaded into the gel or matrix and the reaction is allowed to run, thanks to the electric source, the molecules of the samples will be separated.

Any power supply should allow features such as voltage to be controlled, so the user will choose the output voltage he needs for the electrophoresis camera to be used. The sources must function in such a way that they can be used continuously to separate DNA, RNA and proteins.

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